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House and Land Packages

House and land packages are a great solution for many purchasers. Whether you’re in the market for your first home or are looking to invest in a new investment property, a McCarthy Homes house and land package provides a straightforward solution that solves many of the difficulties often associated with building a home. There are plenty of benefits to a house and land package. We’ve outlined a few below to help you make your decision.

Established Garden and Landscaping

Depending on the inclusions of the specific house and land package you purchase, your home can come with a landscaped garden ready to go. This can include turf, plants and structures such as paths and retaining walls. This gives you a head start on having a presentable home to move into. One of the biggest advantages of buying an ex-display home is getting your home and land in a single purchase, all set up and ready to go.

Cheaper than purchasing land and building separately

House and land packages are very often cheaper than purchasing your land and then contracting a builder. Our ex-display homes come as a house and land package. For some of our other or we can help you find the right plot for your dream home.

Saves time

House hunting is exhausting. It’s a process that can drag on for years, with frustrations and disappointments along the way. By purchasing a house and land package through a reputable builder you can save an enormous amount of time that would otherwise be wasted on research, chasing down contacts or driving around to different sites. That time saved can be put towards preparing to move into your brand-new home.

New build warranty

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a house and land package through McCarthy Homes is our new build warranty. We stand by our builds. Our name, brand and reputation are attached to every single house that we construct and as such we always ensure that they are built to last.

We aim to ensure that building with McCarthy Homes is all pleasure, no pain. Building a home and moving into it should be an exciting experience. We aim to take the pressure off your shoulders and ensure that you enjoy the process from first contact to moving in.

High Build Quality

From McCarthy Homes, you are guaranteed a home with an extremely high build quality. Our houses are built with care from start to finish, with a strong focus on long-lasting quality above all else. From choosing the right materials through to hiring the best designers and builders, we have always made a significant investment into the quality of our builds, ensuring that the McCarthy Homes brand is synonymous with outstanding homes. This is reinforced by our build quality guarantees and quality assurance processes.

Find the right land to fit your home

One of the biggest benefits of a house and land package is that you know exactly what the layout of the land will be when you purchase your package. If there is a particular home design you love, you can search for appropriate land to place it on, avoiding headaches such as slopes, block shape, size and orientation that can come with buying the land before settling on a home design.

Clear upfront price

House and land packages have a clear upfront price. Rather than setting out on a new build that might have dozens of alterations made and several unexpected expenses crop up, a house and land package gives you certainty and the ability to prepare your finances adequately in advance. One of the biggest challenges of building your first home is ensuring that you have the finances available with some buffer for unforeseen emergencies or additions to the home. By having a clear idea of the expense from the outset, you can plan ahead.

Get a professional design to save headaches

Getting access to their design team often results in you having a home that perfectly suits your block. You can get a pre-designed home and landscaped garden ready to break ground in record time, saving you the stress and difficulty of getting designs and adjusting them repeatedly to suit different plots of land.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to discuss your options with the McCarthy Homes team, we are more than happy to help. Visit our contact page and get in touch. We’ll answer all your questions about house and land packages.

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