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Knock Down Rebuilds: Build Your New Home Without Moving!

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If you’ve found yourself on this page then it might be because you’re looking for alternatives to buying new land to get your new home. With the real estate market being so competitive right now it can be difficult to lock down that dream home you’ve been desiring. 

Someone might have mentioned knock down rebuilds or knock down new builds as another option. Today we’ll explain what a knock down rebuild is and how it could be the solution to getting your brand new dream home without having to move your entire life. 

What Does Knock Down Rebuild mean?

Knock Down Rebuild is a common term in housing & building, it means to knock down the house on your land and rebuild a brand new one. Perfect for people who love their location but have an outdated house, or for families who are settled into their area but have outgrown the capacity of their home. 

Deciding to demolish not only raises the value of your new property and saves you from paying stamp duty and selling costs, it also gives you the added benefit of tailoring a new home suited to your block and your lifestyle.

If you’ve got the perfect block of land but need the house to match then a McCarthy knock down rebuild can breathe new life into your block with a brand new custom-designed home.

Rebuild or Renovate? 

Depending on how tailored you want your home to be to your lifestyle, sometimes a small renovation will be enough, while for others a comprehensive rebuild gives you precisely what you want in a home.

Advantages of a Knock Down Rebuild

More and more people are choosing to knock down and rebuild their homes because the cost can work out cheaper than renovation. In terms of dollars per square metre, Knock Down New Build’s are frequently a more cost-effective option. 

With a knock down rebuild project you can walk into a brand new home without going through the inconvenience of selling or the risks of renovating. Especially in competitive areas like Brisbane and the Gold Coast, a knock down rebuild can be the perfect solution.

  • Knock Down Rebuilds deliver a home that matches your desired lifestyle perfectly
  • The homeowner controls the project from start to finish without having to accommodate previous design features that no longer work for you
  • Your builder will know every detail of the construction process without having to make educated guesses about the quality or soundness of the original builder’s work
  • Budgeting can be managed thoroughly as every element of the project begins with the homeowner
  • Depending on the project it can also sometimes be faster to rebuild than to remodel an old home

McCarthy Homes are Knock Down Rebuild Specialists in Brisbane & Gold Coast

At McCarthy Homes we take pride in bringing a brand new home to our customers without them having to leave their existing land. Our team is known for providing one of the leading knock down rebuild services in Queensland; from start to finish you can rely on McCarthy Homes.

Especially in highly populated areas you can trust that your McCarthy Homes building site will operate with the highest standards in respect for your neighbours and community. Your build team will leave a clean site and implement their waste reduction policy for all home constructions. 

“It has been such a pleasant surprise to have McCarthy Homes build in my street. Your considerate policies to neighbours regarding no music, a clean site and general all-round courtesy have made what can’t help be a noisy operation as minimal an impact on the surroundings as possible. Your builders represent you at all times in a fantastic manner and demonstrate to me you are a company of character. I wouldn’t hesitate in placing you at the top of the queue to build my house in part due to this responsible policy.”

Simon Rowell, Wilson

What to look for in a builder who offers Knock Down Rebuilds

Unfortunately there are too many builders who will agree to a knock down rebuild without ever scoping the project or completing a site inspection. These steps are crucial to the proper planning of your project so that there aren’t any nasty or expensive surprises when it’s too late to turn back.

At McCarthy Homes we have years of experience with knock down rebuilds; working with homeowners throughout the entire project to present them with their dream home at the end.

We complete site inspections and project planning from the beginning to be sure that we can achieve your dream design on your existing block of land. As experts in the field for knock down rebuilds you can rest assured that our team will make the project smooth and hassle free to leave only the excitement of a new build in your mind. 

Whether your block is narrow, steep, on acreage or in town McCarthy will work with you to create your dream home right where you are so you don’t have to lose your fantastic views, great suburb or perfect street. 

Knock Down Rebuild Steps To Replace Your Old Home With A Brand New One

Choose your dream home design from our huge range, you can even custom design your home depending on the conditions of the lot! Our team will then complete a site check to determine if the house design and build will work on your existing block of land.

Foundation works and Estimate of Cost. Once you are ready to get started we will organise the necessary site tests and present you with itemised site costs, available upgrades and a detailed siting showing how your dream home design will be positioned on your block.

Our customers can also currently take advantage of the McCarthy Homes Stay Right Where You Are Offer which includes a $20,000 Demo Allowance, air conditioning system and True Core steel frame, all for the cost of $4999! 

Next you’ll review the costs and builder’s plans. We’ll go through all of the associated costs with your knock down rebuild and show you the intended positioning of your new home on your block. 

After the contract is signed you can get creative and choose the colours, finishes and fixtures for your new homes from our huge selection of home décor options. Use the assistance of our consultants & take inspiration from our display homes to ensure you get the best look possible. 

Demolition, contracts and permits. McCarthy Homes will organise everything from demolition to rebuild so the build progresses smoothly. From electrical & lighting layouts to the building contract and your building permit.

Watch your dream home come to life. It’ll start by pouring your concrete slab, then erecting the house frame before gaining ‘lock-up’ status and adding the interior and exterior finishes. McCarthy Homes will be with you every step of the way to advise on updates and answer any questions you may have.Handing over the keys to your brand new dream home. Together we’ll reach the end goal of every McCarthy Knock Down Rebuild; to give you, the homeowner, your dream home exactly the way you want it and on your own land.

Knock Down Rebuild Before and After

At McCarthy Homes you can select your dream home from our stunning range of designs or create your own custom design with guidance from our builders.

The end result is a home with every luxury you could ask for, that suits your lifestyle and is located right where you want it.

Knock Down and Rebuild Your New Dream Home With Confidence With McCarthy Homes.

From the Sunshine Coast to Ballina and anywhere in between, McCarthy Homes are the knock down rebuild specialists in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

Talk to us today about your knockdown rebuild home. You can contact us on (07) 3358 9704 or submit an enquiry online now to find out how McCarthy Homes can help you!

New House and Land Packages in Brisbane & Moreton Bay!

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McCarthy Homes is excited to launch new house and land packages in the Brisbane and Moreton Bay regions! 

Our prime locations in Rochedale and Newport are perfectly suited to all household sizes and lifestyles. Choose from our stunning range of home designs, purpose built for lots of all sizes, from small or narrow lots all the way to 5 bedroom family households. 

Contact us today and we can start tailoring a package for your dream home!

Newport House and Land Packages

Our Newport house and land packages are an unbeatable opportunity matched only by a premier location with everything you need at your doorstep. Whether you’re a growing family or retirees looking to relax, Newport has the superb liveability you’ve been searching for! 

This idyllic coastal location offers kilometres of endless beachside foreshore to be explored with the Scarborough precinct at your door. Take in exceptional ocean vistas along with café precincts, tapas bars and restaurants while listening to the gentle sound of lapping waves to soothe you into your evening. In Newport you’ll enjoy brilliant proximity to numerous boutique shops, lush parklands and superb schooling from early learning to senior education, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Our house and land packages in Newport can be tailored to suit your household needs. Whether it’s a design suited for a narrow lot or you need a 5 bedroom home built you can find your dream design with McCarthy Homes.

Find your dream Newport home!

Rochedale House and Land Packages

The best location near Brisbane city! Our Rochedale house and land packages are prime lots with the CBD only 20kms away, it’s the place to be for aspiring new homeowners. 

Fresh and modern, the thriving community of Rochedale is the ideal place to build your new home. Perfectly positioned for travel in any direction, Rochedale offers the opportunity to live a great community lifestyle that’s close to the city and amenities. In Rochedale you can live on a street lined with lush, green trees and look across the panoramic views of the Brisbane skyline, this area has everything you need to work, live and play.

Rochedale is the perfect place for growing families and business professionals. With large lot options for 5 bedroom homes or designs tailored to narrow blocks that still give you room to grow. 

Browse through our selection of house designs to find your dream home and we’ll make it a reality.

Find your dream Rochedale home!

How to design your custom home in 2021

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How to design your custom home in 2021


We’re all individual. We all have unique needs and wants and ideas. It’s only natural then that we all have different ideas of what a dream home looks like. So how do you design your customer home in 2021?

The best news is, with McCarthy Homes you can bring your dream home to life.

You don’t have to be tied into designs, layouts, fixtures and features when you build with us. You can create a home as individual as you are.

Forget about boring template homes and say hello to fully customisable properties in 2021.

Here’s how…




A dream home starts with an idea. Over the years that idea is fuelled with the lifestyle likes and dislikes you develop as you observe and live in various houses.

The idea grows and you formulate a home in your mind that incorporates everything you appreciate, all the features that fit your needs. Whatever makes you comfortable is there. The floorplan matches your personality, the fittings reflect your desires.

Some people sit on their idea for years. Some want to see it brought to life as soon as possible. Finances, relationships and personal situations all play a part in when you’re ready to launch your dream home journey.

When you are, it’s time to find the perfect partners to bring it to life. You need to choose custom home builders like McCarthy Homes, who complement your ideals and have the talent and skills to guide your dream into fruition.




Building your dream home is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you really want to pick the right design and build team to collaborate with.

There are limitless decisions and considerations that go beyond simply having a good design in mind. Some of these include:

  • Helping choose a block of land that fits in with your ideas and wants and is located in a suitable spot for your family.
  • Deciding on a budget that fits with your finances while not compromising on your dream.
  • Does the design you have in mind suit the style of home you’re after?
  • Can all building work be done to council and Australian standards?
  • Does your design reflect any future changes in your family dynamic? For instance, do you really need that extra wing if the kids are about to leave home?

McCarthy Homes have built countless custom homes over the years. We know the right questions to ask, and we know how to guide you into choices that are sustainable and the right fit for your unique character. We speak the language of building and can facilitate this often-overwhelming process for you in a stress-free and seamless way.


Enjoy a Personalised Touch


Dedicated and creative, McCarthy Homes takes the time to really understand what you want from your custom house building experience. We sit down with you, absorb your ideas and present our solutions that will lead to your ideal home being constructed with us.

We treat our clients like family. Each and every one gets a personalised experience founded on knowledge, transparency and crystal-clear communications. From the initial bouncing around of ideas to the special moment when we handover your keys, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.


Experience the Rewards of Designing Your Own Home


It’s almost impossible to describe the pride you feel when you see your dream home manifest itself into reality. You’ve shaped your living space, the standout features were your idea, you chose all the fittings. Your vision has come to life and it’s an immensely satisfying feeling. There’s also something about living in a brand-new space that just feels good.

Whether you’re building in Ballina, the Sunshine Coast or any location in-between, McCarthy Homes can ensure your custom home journey is a smooth and enjoyable one. Our tailored solutions are here for you, whether you know exactly what you want or need guidance in getting started.


Above all, we’re confident that our industry-leading design and construction skills will lead to the home of your dreams. Why not contact us today and let’s take the first steps together?

Click here to contact us.

Or, call us on (07) 3358 9704

Cost of house construction expected to rise in 2021

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With housing prices set to rise in 2021, now is the time to build your dream home


If you’ve been thinking about building your new home, now is the time.


With property prices slated to increase in Brisbane and Queensland along with the rest of Australia, and the $25,000 Federal Government HomeBuilder grant set to finish at the end of March, it really is a great time to move from aspiration to action.


Other factors for you to consider when building your new home include the effects of COVID-19 and social distancing on site logistics, ongoing issues with supply chains and many other factors.


You need to look at all of the factors that could potentially affect the cost of building your new home as they all add up to considerable upward cost pressure on the building and construction industry.


It’s impossible to predict the future but many industry experts and a number of economic factors point to the price of building a new home continuing to increase over the course of 2021.


Why is now the right time to build?


The Federal Government’s $25,000 HomeBuilder grant will come to an end as of March 31 this year. The government has indicated it will continue in a different form beyond that time but at a greatly reduced rate of $15,000.


Many experts including HSBC chief economist Paul Bloxham (as reported in the Australian Financial Review) are predicting Brisbane house prices are set to rise by as much as 5 per cent in 2021. So those getting into the market early in 2021 are set to see the most capital gains over the course of this year should this prediction play out.


More recently CBA economist Gareth Aird indicated lending rates had ramped up considerably at the start of 2021 with the price of a home in Brisbane forecast to increase by up to 16.6% over the next two years (as reported in the Urban Developer).


We are also in a market where interest rates are still extremely low, but it’s impossible to know if this will last or for how long.


Starting construction on the new home of your dreams right now definitely makes sense on a number of fronts.


Why are prices rising?


The cost of construction is set to rise in 2021 because of a combination of factors:

  • Interstate migration from New South Wales, Victoria and further afield is up.
  • The number of tradespeople allowed on site at any one time is harder to manage because of social distancing restrictions.
  • Supply chain management is more challenging than ever as is job site phasing
  • Trade restrictions and increasingly challenging global supply chains have led to increases in the cost of building materials across the board


How can I capitalise on the current market climate?


  • Speak with your financial advisor and/or accountant to get your finances in order
  • Start talking with your design and building partners
  • Act quickly before the HomeBuilder grant falls from $25,000 to $15,000 at the end of March
  • Act quickly before house, land and construction prices increase


Who should I talk to about building?


You will need to engage with a number of professionals in order to make your new dream a reality.


Designers, architects and structural engineers will need to be engaged, a builder chosen, finance sought, a block of land found… the list goes on.


At McCarthy homes the process is simple, you engage with our team and we can walk you through what it will take to build your new home from dreaming, to designing, throughout construction and through to handing over the keys.


Our team is your team and we look forward to being with you on your new home journey every step of the way.


What professional advice should I seek?


Always seek the advice of a professional before you make significant financial commitments, such as purchasing a home or arranging the construction of a new house. Independent financial and legal advice is essential when it comes to building a new home.

Looking to get a head start before the changes and turn your dream home into a reality? Why not contact McCarthy Homes today, and make a start on creating your little piece of paradise for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

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Or, call us on (07) 3358 9704

The benefits of buying a display home

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banner image of McCarthy Homes
At some point in your homeowner journey you’ve no doubt walked into a display home and been completely blown away. The design, the specs, the location… it’s everything you want from a home.

A voice in your head whispers “If only this could be yours.”

Well, with McCarthy Homes, it can. Our display homes are available for purchase, and there are a bunch of reasons why you should consider one for your next property buy.

Here are a few of the benefits of buying a display home.



Leaseback options


When you buy a McCarthy display home, there’s no hunting around looking for the right tenant. We already have the perfect tenant lined up for you – us! We leaseback the home at an attractive predetermined rate, so you know exactly what your income from the property will be for the entirety of the lease. It’s regarded as one of the highest yielding investments you can get.

As well as guaranteed income, this saves you money on property management, inspection and letting fees. You can still claim on depreciation; your rent will always be paid and we’re not going to throw any wild parties. Now that sounds like a good investment.

When the leaseback finishes, you get the keys to your luxury turn-key home, ready to move into or rent out.


Pinnacle by McCarthy Homes at 4 Cardinal Crescent Newport 4020 QLD





Your display home will often be within a display village, an area deemed to be more accessible, convenient and generally more desirable than other parts of the estate.  This already places your new display home at an advantage.

The display village will also consist of other top-of-the-range homes designed to show off the developers’ skills. You’re going to be surrounded by quality properties, and the streetscape of the will be established and maintained to a striking and appealing level.

Sometimes a display home is within a growing suburb, not an estate. Rest assured we have done our research and selected a sought-after street that’s convenient and easily accessed.

Metropolitan by McCarthy Homes at 153 Splendour St, Rochedale 4123 QLD


Fittings and inclusions


A McCarthy display home is designed to impress, showcasing our best in design and our premium fixtures, fittings and features. It’s our chance to put our best foot forward and show buyers the high level of quality they can expect from us.

When you buy a display home from us, you’re getting the best available features at a reasonable price. We’re talking cutting-edge design where every aspect of the build has been considered, style elements that take your breath away, trend-setting fittings and chic fixtures.

When our lease ends, you get first option to purchase the display furniture we used, meaning you get a fully furnished home with premium art and furnishings.

Located at 4 Cardinal Crescent Newport 4020, the Pinnacle 29 Display home by McCarthy Homes.




A lot of new builds don’t have landscaping included in the cost. With a display home from McCarthy Homes, you’re going to get the best landscaping we can provide. Our architect-designed gardens and exceptional outdoor living spaces bring another level of liveability to a property. It’s all included when you purchase one of our display homes.




When you’ve got an investment property that you’re renting out, it’s a given that you pay for the maintenance. Problem with the plumbing? Electrics gone haywire? It comes out your pocket.

This isn’t the case when we lease the display home back from you. Maintenance is on us, because we want to keep the property in the best possible shape. So when a problem arises, we take care of it.

This doesn’t just extend to problems. We get cleaners in regularly to keep the property looking spick and span, and a landscape maintenance team keeps the gardens in top order.



The heavy lifting is done


Buying a new home or an investment property should be a stress-free process. It doesn’t get more seamless than when you buy a display home from McCarthy Homes. Forget about researching the latest in design and decorating trends. Forget about trying to figure out what the latest and best home features are.

We’ve done it all for you.

The floorplan is done, the inclusions are decided upon, the colour scheme is set. You simply walk in, fall in love with the home and we’ll get the ball rolling from there.



Current Opportunities 


Visit our Display Homes page to view our Display Homes that are currently for Sale. Discover each home today by taking a virtual tour, downloading the brochure, viewing the floor plan or reviewing the image galleries.


Explore Metropolitan

Located at 153 Splendour St, Rochedale 4123 QLD.

The Metropolitan is suited to narrow lots, and is ideal for those who love to entertain with a large open plan living area and deluxe alfresco. Four bedrooms ensure there is plenty of room for a growing family.


Metropolitan by McCarthy Homes at 153 Splendour St, Rochedale 4123 QLD


Discover Pinnacle.

Located at 4 Cardinal Crescent Newport 4020.

The Pinnacle captures the essence of exceptional contemporary design, expressed through the simplicity of strong, clean lines executed with precision.

Its purpose driven layout create ideal environments for modern living with seamless indoor to outdoor entertaining, multiple living zones, advantageous work spaces and relaxing sanctuaries – bathed in abundant natural light and fresh air.

The design has style and substance; combining eye-catching geometry and articulation in its facade with an extensive array of projections and an attractive arrangement of render and glazing.

The layout includes; a sun drenched open plan living area, glazed middle courtyard area, double garage, rear main bedroom suite adjourning a separate first floor Leisure area.

As with all exceptional contemporary designs, the Pinnacle’s lines are sleek allowing its integrity to shine through in unison with its functionality and purpose.


Located at 4 Cardinal Crescent Newport 4020, the Pinnacle 29 Display home by McCarthy Homes


Discover Brookhaven

Located at 151 Splendour St, Rochedale, QLD 4123.

The Brookhaven is classic luxury and style, sure to encapsulate your imagination and desire like no other.  With a blend of style and functionality, the open plan living encompasses a mid-positioned void, leading to a stunning alfresco and open area.  A widened staircase leads to a first floor vista of space and open views, all assisted by generous glazing and natural light.

Features of this premium home include; Galley style kitchen with Butler’s pantry, spacious open plan dining and family room, Guest bedroom with separate Ensuite, full sized master suite with separate robe-room, individual study area and convertible linen / wine cellar.

The Brookhaven showcases McCarthy Home’s commitment to creating the best quality craftsmanship of enduring luxury family homes tailored for individual families.


Brookhaven 42 display by McCarthy Homes, 151 Splendour St, Rochedale, QLD 4123



Have you got any questions about how purchasing a display home from McCarthy Homes? Contact us today and we’ll gladly answer them for you.

Top ten tips to knock down and rebuild your dream home.

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What happens if you love where you live, but your family are growing out of the house? You belong in the neighbourhood, but you need more space?
Over the last ten years, homeowners are trusting McCarthy homes to knock down, design and rebuild their new homes from start to finish. It’s what we are known for and it’s why we have our best tips for you to consider before taking the magnificent leap to your dream space!


1) Out with the old, in with the new.

Knocking down a house needs careful planning. At McCarthy Homes, we have a rigorous step through process that keeps you informed every step of the way. We do it with you – from the first land checks, taking down your existing home to landscaping and handing over your new keys. All you need to do is come along with ideas, inspiration and be open to new possibilities.


2) Love the land you live on.

The first aspect we need to check is your land and whether it is suitable for a knockdown and rebuild? You will need planning information through your local council that outlines zoning and restrictions. We will guide you through this process.


3) Sunny side up for your home position.

The position of your new home is an exciting part of the design stage. When you wake up in the morning, do you want to be sunny side facing or enjoy sundown in your alfresco dining, poolside? Our designers create a land map to show you the options for an optimum position.


4) Get ready, move out, no stress.

Preparing to move out needs a timeline that works with your work and family. Relocating while we knock-down and build means finding a temporary home with minimum disruption. Our team are here to support the process that works with your family, from start to finish.


5) Dream big and design with us.

Building your dream home is usually a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It can feel overwhelming at the start. It begins with land mapping and building, and moves into the detail of tiles and décor. We like to see this as the fun part where you get to recreate a new space that will grow with you and your family.

We have many design elements for you to browse. We have designers that can show you how colours flow through your space, how granite, quartz and sandstone bench tops change the feel of a kitchen and how natural light determines how you furnish your master bedroom.


6) A pool with a view.

At McCarthy Homes we design pools that are an extension of your indoor living. Many families ask for pools to be visible from the open plan kitchen or your entertainment area.

We design swimming pools to flow seamlessly through the exterior land available and to the size you want. The safety fence and decking are part of the aspects that we can recommend with confidence.


7) Choose your style.

Our Hamptons homes and triple gabled Queenslanders are our most popular designs. With more than 50 design series, you can choose a style to suit your family.

Would you like a stunning Federation style kitchen featuring premium European kitchen appliances, butler’s pantry and cellar designed to bring out the inner chef in every family? We integrate with open dining and spacious entertainment area’s both inside and out, designing alfresco dining areas for celebrations to create great family memories.

Our homes feature bedrooms with beautifully designed ensuite’s, walk-in robes, study nook, leisure areas and open living spaces.There are many designs to choose from. Every design has a growing, dynamic family in mind.


8) Landscape for leisure and lazy days.

With busy lifestyles more of our homeowners are choosing styles that create a peaceful and tranquil ambience.

From your site measure to concept, we create plans and begin drawing until you can visualise your space coming to life.


9) Saving makes sense.

Demolishing and rebuilding capitalizes on your land value without paying stamp duty and agency fee’s of a sale.  We know there is less risk involved building a home, than a renovation or an extension.


10) The final countdown.

Your personal Client Service Manager will be with you through the knock down and rebuild process. You are one step closer to living your dream.

An on-site Construction Supervisor will keep you informed and consult with you through from start to finish:

  1. Commencement
  2. Base
  3. Frame
  4. Enclosed
  5. Fixing
  6. Handover
  7. Maintenance

We can’t wait for you to see the magic happen!

At McCarthy Homes,  we are the experts in knockdown and rebuild from Ballina to Noosa. Dream big and let us build for you!


Ready to get started? Contact us today!

Home Maintenance tips for new homes

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Moving into a brand-new home? It’s exciting times! That smell of fresh paint and woodwork, echoes of empty rooms before the furniture rolls in and the dreams of hosting friends and relaxing with family. There’s no better feeling than moving into a brand-new home that you can call your own.

However, to make the most of your new home and extend its life for future generations, there are a few basic maintenance tasks you will need to attend to regularly. We encourage all owners of McCarthy Homes to read this brief guide to get an idea of some of the things you should be thinking about when you move into your new home, both on day 1 and into the future.



Taking care of concrete can be a little difficult. Unfortunately, even the best laid concrete can crack under the right conditions. At McCarthy Homes we do everything we can to ensure that any concrete we lay on driveways or paths is right for the environment. To take further steps to ensure your concrete goes the distance, be wary of having heavy vehicles park or drive on it and don’t undertake extensive digging nearby. Consider planting trees further back from any concrete as well, as roots can quickly crack and distort concrete.


Decks and Exposed Wood


If you’ve just taken delivery of your home, one of the first things you will need to do is coat all wooden decking with sealant. This will help maintain the integrity of the wood in all weather conditions. It will help seal out water and may provide a barrier of protection against other damage. Over time, you may find that your deck attracts dirt and stains. You’ll need to scrub it down thoroughly and reseal it on occasion to keep it in pristine condition.

The same rules apply for other exposed wood around your home. Ensure that new sealant is applied as needed. Pay particular attention to wood that is directly exposed to the elements, particularly sunlight and rain.




While many modern homes are built with extractor fans and are designed to promote adequate air flow, you will need to take some steps to prevent condensation forming in certain areas of your home. Basic steps you can take to reduce condensation include opening bathroom windows when water is in use and using extractors and ventilation systems. Limiting the ability for condensation to form inside your home will also help prevent any mould growing.




Depending on the flooring in your home, you may need to take different steps to maintain it at a high level of quality. Carpet should be vacuumed regularly, preferably with a vacuum cleaner that’s appropriate for its thickness and conditions (if you have pets, consider a vacuum cleaner with an attachment for pet hair). Carpets should be shampooed roughly every two years, or less, to ensure they stay clean and stains don’t become set in.

Wooden floor boards may need to be polished at times. If mopped regularly, they may also need to be polished and have new varnish or sealant applied. Tiles and linoleum should be mopped regularly. Be wary of uneven wear on some parts of your flooring. This can arise due to heavy foot traffic or furniture footings.


Gardens and Pool Areas


If your brand-new home was built by us, we will provide guidance on landscaping and gardening that will assist you in maintaining the integrity of your home. Some things to be aware of include:

• Ensure that all gardening, soil, additional tiling or paving etc is located beneath the level of the damp proof membrane.
• Ensure that nothing covers the weep holes in brickwork.
• Aim for a 75mm split between your gardens, gravel, soil and grass and the weep holes.
• Weep holes must be kept open and able to be visually inspected as part of termite prevention, in addition to protecting brickwork from moisture.

Your pool areas should be maintained according to your local council guidelines. You should ensure that they do not sit above the level of your home and that there are adequate measures in place to ensure that all excess water drains away from your home.


Maintenance advice


If you are unsure how to maintain any part of your home and would like professional advice, please contact us. We always seek to ensure that our clients are provided with adequate information at handover, however sometimes some eventualities arise which cannot be planned for. We’re more than happy to point you in the right direction if required.


Click here to contact us.

Or, call us on (07) 3358 9704

Australian Residential Property Outlook for 2021

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The last few months have certainly been interesting. It is now apparent that we are operating in entirely different conditions, and that they are here to stay (for the near-term, at least). The coronavirus and associated restrictions on economic activity imposed by Australian governments have led to a dramatic reshaping of our entire economy. During this time, many business have had to close, causing many people to be without work lose, and the size of our economy will likely contract for the two consecutive quarters required to declare a recession. Avoiding this would be a herculean achievement and appears unlikely from even the most optimistic viewpoint.

With so much changing so quickly, every forward-looking projection made within the first few weeks of January for the property market in 2020 is not longer of any value. The entire game has changed, and everything you previously “knew” about shifts in the property market no longer applies. We keep our ear very close to the ground, because our livelihood depends on people building new homes. We have decided to summarise some of the arguments and predictions we saw in early January, and compare them to opinions in mid-April, a mere three months later.


January’s outlook for 2021


In January, the picture was rosy, albeit with some expectations of slowed growth throughout the year. Opinions varied, but generally speaking, economists and analysts expected early growth in the first two quarters of the calendar year, with a distinct slowdown as housing affordability began to move beyond the reach of most buyers. Lower interest rates were expected to drive renewed attention on the property market, particularly for investors as equities began to offer less attractive risk-return ratios and fewer opportunities to find genuine value.

Minor corrections across Sydney and Melbourne in the months leading up to the end of 2019 had many pundits predicting increased interest in the housing market in those cities driving prices upwards at a steady rate, with the tail-end of the year seeing a plateau or minor reduction, with a good chance of those markets achieving their all-time highs inside of 2020 or in 2021.


May’s outlook for 2021


Now that we are in May, things are looking decidedly different. The coronavirus has shaken the world, markets of every shape and size have taken a hit, and the hitherto unforeseen measures required to eliminate the coronavirus from the community (or at least slow its spread) have seen huge sectors of the economy shut down virtually overnight.

Despite significant reductions in interest rates, the JobKeeper program, and ongoing quantitative easing, the Australian economy as a whole will suffer significantly during this lockdown period and will take some time to rebound on the other side. However, it could be worse. This is not the GFC – this is an economic crisis caused (through necessity) by government intervention, not underlying issues in the housing market.

Many pundits are tipping a return to a solid, healthy property market by mid-2021, however, every prediction relies on how quickly we can alleviate the threat of coronavirus and return to an approximation of business as usual.


How McCarthy Homes is helping


We know it’s tough for a lot of people. We’ve spoken with people who have had to push back their dream of building their first home for several years – they’ve lost their job, they’re chewing through savings and they’ve watched their super and other investments tank. We cannot help everyone, but we can help a few. For a limited time, we will pay your rent if you build a new home with McCarthy Homes – up to $25,000. We want to see as many people as possible achieve their dream of owning their forever home, regardless of economic conditions.


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Our Build Options


Explore our build options below and determine what works for you – we are very flexible, and always happy to help homeowners get into a house.Housing bounced 0.8 points to 50.8, in growth territory rather than contraction. Of the four construction sectors measured, housing shows the strongest signs of stability and potential growth. Australia has seen the housing boom maintained for over a decade. While there have been plenty of small blips, that long upwards trend has proven quite resilient.


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Home Inclusions


Where we build homes


McCarthy Homes builds homes across South East Queensland and the northern coastline of New South Wales.

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Work with McCarthy Homes


McCarthy Homes have been building high quality custom homes for over two decades. During that time, we have helped dozens of happy first homeowners step into their dream homes. Our approach to home building centres around the element of timeless sophistication. Every aspect of our building process is designed to deliver a luxurious forever home.

Working with McCarthy Homes gives you the benefit of working with experts in all fields. From our project managers through our lead designer and carpenters on every site – when you work with McCarthy Homes, you work with the best. We’ll ensure that you understand the entire process of building your home, from design to handover. Flexibility, transparency and superior finishes are our trademark and we stand by it.

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Contact McCarthy Homes


If you’d like to discuss your new home plans with us, get in touch. We are always happy to guide you through the process and determine what we can do to get you into your dream home. We can help you with planning and design, site selection, knock down and rebuild, and more.

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We Will Pay Your Rent!

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McCarthy Homes Promotion we will pay your rent
Building a home can be a lengthy process, and few of us have a significant amount of surplus funds to keep us going during the process. It can be frustrating paying your rent, knowing that soon you’ll have a home of your own and you’ll be able to make mortgage repayments and build equity with your costs of shelter, rather than funnelling money into someone else’s home. This is the core reason for many people to purchase their first home. 
To address these cash flow concerns, we have decided to help those who are building a McCarthy Home. For a limited time, we will pay your rent while your new home is being built. McCarthy Homes Standard Design Guidelines apply. It’s that simple – we will pay you so you can pay your rent or your interest payments. 

The Nuts and Bolts

Our offer extends to $800 per week if you are building a double storey home with McCarthy Homes, up to a total of $20,000. If you are building a single storey home, we will pay your rent up to $400 a week, up to a total amount of $10,000.

This rebate is paid to you as cash, allowing you to use the money to pay down your mortgage or existing rent. This means, that for up to 25 weeks from the date building of your home starts on site, you can have your rent paid and have some of the stress of building a home taken out of the equation. This is part of McCarthy Homes’ commitment to helping you have a stress-free home building experience. We want you to be able to move in and start enjoying you home immediately with less financially worries.

We’ll pay you so can you pay your rent or interest payments – if this is your first time (within the past 36 months) entering into a HIA Queensland New Homes Construction Contract (QC1) (HIA Building Contract) or a preliminary agreement with a view to entering into a HIA Building Contract with the Builder (Preliminary Agreement).

You can also combine this promotion with other offers, such as our Preliminary Deposit Saving, our Essentials Inclusions package or our Knock-down rebuild promotion (which could save you up to $60,000.00). This is a fantastic opportunity to get into a brand-new home at a greatly reduced cost.

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McCarthy Homes Promotion we will pay your rent

We’ll Pay Your Rent – a McCarthy Homes Promotion


Standard Design Guidelines

These guidelines aim to provide clients with a cost- effective design from our standard library range of plans, based on standard site requirements including a limited list of permitted drawing changes.

Site fall requirements for standard designs:

  • A level building pad that can be constructed by equal cut & ‘fill’, maximum 2.0m across platform.
  • Boundary retaining walls that are a maximum 1m in height, to allow for a level building pad.

Permitted changes to standard designs*:

  • Piers and posts
  • Decks and balconies external of the building footprint
  • Cladding
  • Window size and location
  • Internal door size and location
  • Degree of roof pitch
  • Island Bench location
  • Internal walls to enclose an ‘open internal space’
    i.e. sitting room to lounge/media

*Subject to Management Approval

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Are you having difficulties paying your rent?

If you are struggling to meet rent payments due to changed economic circumstances, you are not alone. Thousands of individuals and families around the country are experiencing genuine rental duress due to losing their jobs or being allocated fewer hours. The coronavirus and associated government-imposed restrictions have caused hardship for many, but there are assistance programs.

If you are not in a position to build a home right now, but still require rental assistance, consider negotiating with your landlord. Explain your circumstances and the maximum rent that you can afford to pay. There is a good chance that your landlord is also experiencing difficulties during this time, and a reduction in cash flow may limit their ability to meet repayments on your property or others. If you are unable to find recourse by consulting your landlord or property manager, there are other resources available. State residential tenancy bodies are coordinating with landlords across the country to assist people keep their homes and pay their rent. You may be eligible for rent assistance or you may be able to negotiate a debt plan to help you stay above water.

Work with McCarthy Homes

McCarthy Homes have been building high quality custom homes for over two decades. During that time, we have helped many happy first homeowners step into their dream homes. Our approach to home building centres around the element of timeless sophistication. Every aspect of our building process is designed to deliver a luxurious forever home.

Working with McCarthy Homes gives you the benefit of working with experts in all fields. When you work with McCarthy Homes, you work with the best. We’ll ensure that you understand the entire process of building your home, from design to handover. Excellent design, communication, transparency and superior finishes are our trademark and we stand by it.

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Contact McCarthy Homes

If you’d like to discuss your new home plans with us, get in touch. We are always happy to guide you through the process and determine what we can do to get you into your dream home. We can help you with planning and design, site selection, knock down and rebuild, and more.

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Coronavirus Operating Update from McCarthy Homes

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The impact of Covid19 continues to evolve across Queensland and the rest of Australia. We remain open for business, by appointment only and we are commited to keeping up to date with the latest safety requirements. 
Our hearts go out to anyone who’s been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly, and we are inspired and very grateful for the selfless healthcare workers who are working tirelessly to care for people in need.
We are commitment and ready to continue all our partnerships as we work to deliver every new home with minimal disruptions.
To all our valued customers: we want to ensure that you feel confident in our ability to create a safe environment and to provide innovative solutions to remedy any changes to our traditional new home journey.

Visiting McCarthy Homes Display Homes

All our Display Homes remain open by appointment only, and we have adopted safe practices to ensure all visits to our homes comply with the Australian Department of Health guidelines, which include:

  • personal hygiene
  • social distancing
  • regular surface cleaning

Alternatively, we are very happy to arrange virtual tours, and meetings via video conference using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype or Facetime etc.

Please contact us via phone or email and our friendly Sales team will work with you to arrange a suitable meeting option that you are comfortable with. You can also view our display homes via our virtual tours which are located on the ‘Display Home” section of our website.

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We are Prepared and Ready

At McCarthy Homes we have a robust and comprehensive Business Continuity Plan in place which provides excellent contingency plans that will allow our staff to operate remotely if/when required.

For all our customers who are currently in the construction stage of their new home journey, we are continuing with construction as per each schedule. We have exceptional support from our suppliers and trade partners who have worked with us to conduct rigorous supply chain reviews, and as a result of these audits, we do not foresee any risk of shortages (short to medium term). We will continue to work together to ensure that long term supply is sustained.

Changes to Operations

To help maintain our staff and clients’ health and wellbeing, all office, sales and selection meetings will be offered via email & phone or video conferencing using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype or Facetime or other means.

If you do need to visit our office in-person we would ask that you contact us first and be aware that mandated social distancing rules will need to be maintained if an in-office meeting is agreed upon.

We will be vigilant in our face-to-face interactions with our clients, suppliers and contractors by following advice from the health professionals to apply social distancing and ensure that we adopt good hygiene practices. We would ask that you also follow this advice, and do not attend any sales, office/selections or on-site meetings should you or someone in your family or contact group be unwell. This will help to keep us all safe.

Please observe all guidelines and regulations put in place by the Queensland government during this time. They are the correct resource for determining how operations will continue in the future.

Questions or Concerns

It is understandable that you may have questions or concerns during this unprecedented period. We encourage you to contact us, through either our main office number, the website, or your Sales Consultant or Client Service Manager.

Please be assured that we have the resourcing, local knowledge, experienced staff and systems to partner with you to build your new home in these challenging times.

As we go forward, we’ll be sure to keep you updated, and know that we always value your questions, ideas and feedback.

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