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hamptons-style kit home

Hamptons Style Kit Homes – Everything You Need to Know

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hamptons-style kit home
Hamptons style kit homes are a rarity in the kit home industry. While the ever-accelerating rise in popularity of Hamptons-style homes has seen a large number of home builders adapt their offering to include them, there are few options for those looking to build a kit home.

What is a Hamptons Style Home?

Hampton-style homes have a classic beach front appearance with a relaxed interior. They are inspired by homes built in The Hamptons on the East End of Long Island in New York. These homes, over time, developed their own style featuring columns, weatherboarding, boxed edges and muted colours, such as whites and greys.

A Hampton-style home is immediately identifiable by its appearance. A well-constructed Hampton-style home will exude an air of class and sophistication with a relaxed touch. It’s where luxury meets the beach. These homes are designed to be lived in yet retain their refined aura.

Is it even possible to buy a Hamptons Style Kit Home?

The nature of a Hampton-style home makes it difficult to translate into a kit home. Hampton-style homes by their very definition are supposed to represent quality and luxury. Although it is not always the case, as a general rule, kit homes have fewer finishing touches and diminished build quality compared to a traditionally built home.

While some providers may advertise Hampton-style kit homes, it’s difficult to truly label these as true Hampton-style homes due to the potential absence of high-quality work. A Hampton-style home is the intersection of luxury and easy comfort. Many kit homes lack the quality of work that is necessary for a true luxury label. For that reason, we recommend avoiding kit homes in favour of a traditional build.

Benefits of Kit Homes

There are plenty of benefits to kit homes:

  • Price: Many kit homes come in at a lower price point than traditional points, but you also need to be very wary of inclusions and the host of additional costs that come with building a kit home (such as site preparation, kit transport, labour to erect the home etc).
  • Ease: Kit homes are often viewed as an “easy” solution to home building. What you see is what you get, and if you like the kit home it’s simple enough to place an order.
  • Consistency of Product: A major benefit of kit homes is that the exact same home design has likely been erected before and had some chances to iron out any issues with its construction. As such, when you see an existing kit display home or images online, you know that you are likely going to get a similar outcome with your own kit.

Drawbacks of Kit Homes

While kit homes may seem like a quick and easy solution to getting a home up, they do come with their drawbacks.

  • Build quality: Not all kit homes are created equally. Some kit homes suffer from poor build quality, low-quality parts and an overall feeling of cheapness.
  • Longevity: The build quality can also affect the longevity of a home. There are genuine concerns with many kit homes that over time, joints and waterproofing may start to show signs of breakdown.
  • Style: The simple fact is, many kit home designs lack a particular element of style and sophistication that you’re going to get in a traditional build.
  • Hidden costs: When you’re purchasing a kit home, you need to have a clear idea of the tradespeople you’ll need to set it up, exactly what furnishings and finishes you’re getting with the home, and any other utility connection costs or hidden expenses.
  • Finished Feel: There’s a lot to be said for a high quality finished feel to a home. Many kit homes simply lack that. 

The Bottom Line

If you absolutely need to build a home on a very low budget, a kit home on cheap land (although closely connected to utilities) is your best option. However, you need to walk into that purchase with open eyes and understand that the product you are getting may be low quality and that you may end up facing costs that you simply hadn’t planned for. Buying a kit home requires a lot of research and may end up requiring a lot of labour and effort on your own part.

Why a McCarthy Homes Hampton Home is Your Best Bet

At McCarthy Homes, quality comes before all else. We aren’t in the business of providing cheap, easy to erect kit homes. We are in the business of building rock-solid family homes that are built to last. Our homes are designed and constructed to last for generations. If that is the level of quality you are searching for in your home, then a McCarthy Homes Hampton home is your best bet.

Get the right advice

We’ve been through the process of building a new home with thousands of happy customers. If you need help or advice on any aspect of building your own Hampton-style home, we are happy to help.

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Office Nooks: Small but Stylish

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The extra-large office with space for stacks of paperwork and overloaded bookshelves is fast becoming a thing of the past. Technology continues to drive us forward towards ever-smaller storage requirements for ever-increasing amounts of data. Today, it’s entirely possible to have everything you need to carry out a modern job at your fingertips, all inside a laptop.For that reason, we see many people looking for a smaller office space. Rather than dedicate an entire room to an office, when really all that is needed is a desk, people are instead finding other uses for that room and looking elsewhere for their workspace.

Enter the office nook (also known as a study nook) – a small, out of the way space for you to get your work done, without sacrificing a huge amount of floor space in your home. At McCarthy Homes, we are big fans of the office nook. We have incorporated them into a number of home designs and will continue to do so into the future – it’s an easy way to meet homeowners’ needs in an efficient way.


Sometimes everything is sacrificed in the name of efficiency, but that’s not the case with McCarthy Homes-designed office nooks. Like everything else in our homes, ageless sophistication leads the design process, with all else secondary. We don’t design just to save space, we design according to the lifestyle requirements of our homes’ residents.

The office nook is an extraordinarily efficient way of maximising floor space within your home while still maximising the use you can get out of your office space. Employing an office nook with overhead shelving in an out of the way place can help free up an entire room while ensuring you have the space you need to work effectively.

Space Saving

Many modern home designs seek to maximise the use of open space, and we are no exception. We always keep in mind the importance of family areas and communal spaces when we are designing homes. To this end, office nooks can be an excellent complementing factor. Just out of the way, but still contributing to an open plan, office nooks allow you to dive into your work while still remaining part of the household around you. Even when your home has plenty of space, an office nook can still add that extra bit of convenience without needlessly getting in the way.


Good design is the core of a great office nook. Simple additions, like a floating desk or recessed shelving, can really complement the stylishness of an office nook while maximising its efficiency in use of space. Understanding how design impacts both the appearance and usefulness of an office nook is an important factor to understand when building your own or working with a builder or designer to include one in a new home.

If you are familiar with McCarthy Homes you’re already well aware of the importance we place on good design,  When it comes to office nooks, this really comes to light. Elegant, efficient, and perfectly comfortable for everyone in the family, our office nooks are the perfect addition to a home.

McCarthy Homes Office Nooks

We’re a big fan of the office nook. It serves the same purpose as a larger office while maximising efficient use of space, freeing up floor space and rooms elsewhere in the home for a wider range of use. Many of our most popular home designs feature office nooks, and we often receive requests when designing custom homes to include an office nook within the build. Below are just a couple of our current display homes that feature office nooks.

Riviera 38

The Riviera is a beautiful four bedroom home. Designed for comfortable living, it features a large walk-in pantry, and alfresco area and four separate living areas. It’s the type of home that encourages relaxation and enjoying watching the world go by. An office nook is right at home in the Riviera, adding extra convenience in an accessible place. In a home filled with living areas, an open and inviting office nook is the perfect addition.

Click here to see more of Riviera.

Fairhaven 42

Fairhaven is the ideal family home. Like all McCarthy Homes, it seamlessly blends luxury and comfort in an easy going, flowing architectural style that encourages effortless living. The office nook at Fairhaven possibly goes a little further than most office nooks, but we believe it still qualifies because it’s not quite technically an office, and it follows all the standard design principles of a good office nook.

Case study – custom home design

By | Interior Design
Location: Hope Island, Gold Coast Qld.

Combining Manhattan warehouse vibes with an eclectic design style, discover how Damian and Alison created their dream home on Queensland’s beautiful Hope Island.

The Build

The client only had a 12-metre wide block so used 3 and 4-metre ceiling heights with soaring voids to create the feeling of light and space.  Polished concrete floors were selected and a slightly smokey wall paint colour because a stark white may have seemed a bit cold in such a voluminous area.

An open plan living concept was top of the priority list, as the client wanted to be able to watch TV from kitchen whilst cooking, dining and just relaxing on the couch.

The Design

The client had a pretty loose direction with interior design. They collected furniture over a three-year period, selecting items they liked and thought would look good in their new home one day.

View the full gallery of images below.

Case study – knock down rebuild

By | Interior Design
Location: Grange, Brisbane Qld.

Situated in the leafy inner city suburb of Grange, the clients chose the area for its family nature and its close proximity to the city.

They purchased the block with the intention of knocking down the existing property and rebuilding with their dream home.

McCarthy Homes Hampton style
The Brief

Taking inspiration from the Provincial display home in Rochedale, the client went into the build process with a very clear vision of what their dream home looked like “for us it was important that we had a very open plan living and dining space that flowed into our outdoor entertaining area and the pool.” Also high on the priority list were separate living spaces for the kids and creating a home that felt warm and liveable.

The Build

Being a knockdown rebuild the client’s first step was to have the old house removed. They advertised the old house on Gumtree free of charge – this saved them approximately $20,000.

Once the old home was removed it was smooth sailing from there, with the process taking 10 months until the client had the keys to their brand new dream home.

View the full gallery of images below.

Spotlight on pendant lighting

By | Interior Design
Some great examples of how pendant lighting can be used as a design feature to enhance any space.
Provincial display home Rochedale
Lighting: Marcel pendant – Beacon lighting 
Aquaris display home Helensvale
Lighting: Peal oval chandelier – Brave Agencies
Carrington Display Home Helensvale
Lighting: Dr spinner – Dowel Jones  

Riviera display home Newport
Sculpt pendant – Lucci Decor

Client home
Lighting: selected by client
Aquaris display home Helensvale
Lighting: Bright beads Aztek pendant – Marz
Mango Hill display home (closed)
Lighting: Lab 1 pendant, beaker shade – Beacon Lighting
Affinity display home Newport
Lighting: Husk pendant in matt black/ash – Lucci Decor
Carrington display home Helensvale
Lighting: Zupello light strawberry cream – Didier
Hope Island display home (closed)
Cayman wreath pendant – Beacon Lighting
Carrington display home Helensvale
Explosion chandelier brass – Pottery Barn
Aquaris display home Helensvale
Bamboo cloche pendant – Koskella
Riviera display home Newport
Kooper pendant in copper – Lucci Decor
Affinity display home Newport
Reuben cage pendant in ash/black – Lucci Decor

Classy, stylish, four bedrooms – The Vogue home design

By | Interior Design
Just as the name suggests Vogue is a stylish, chic design that embraces aesthetic appeal inside and out, and offers an amazing lifestyle home that is both low maintenance and of the highest quality.

With an oversized void wrapping around stairs and entry, you will get swept away with the impressive welcome to what is a truly outstanding home.  Double storey, Vogue offers four bedrooms, study (5th bedroom), separate living areas across both levels, two luxury bathrooms, premium kitchen with Butler’s pantry as standard, a six metre wide alfresco terrace, double lock up garage and the option of an upper front deck.

The larger family may wish to use the ground floor study as a fifth bedroom, and with a leisure area upstairs, it is easier to keep the ground floor immaculate and de-cluttered, as the children can use this upstairs space as a TV/play room out of view of visitors.

A classy home with many extras as standard, Vogue is one of the most admired designs in the Blueprint series, offering the quintessential contemporary lifestyle home that is as comfortable and practical as it is striking.

With a choice of pre-priced design options available, Vogue is one of many tasteful designs that McCarthy clients can select from in the popular Blueprint series.

One of Brisbane’s most respected building companies, McCarthy Homes has a well established reputation within the industry as first-class operators – from the quality and variety of their designs, flexible options, standard inclusions, through to their unsurpassed customer service, they are increasingly growing their referral base at exponential levels.

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