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The Most Popular Two Storey House Designs By Our Brisbane Builders

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What makes two storey home designs so popular?

Double storey houses offer opportunities that you won’t find with single storey homes. With a two storey house, you double your living space and you can customise the layout to really suit your needs. Two storey house designs can be the perfect solution when land size may be limited but your family still needs plenty of room to grow, or if you need to maximise space to create functional and practical living areas with all the necessities of a modern family home. 

It’s because of these unique reasons that two storey homes have become incredibly popular for modern Australian families. No matter the size of your block or the number of bedrooms you need, a double storey house can solve all your problems. At McCarthy Homes we have a number of two storey home designs by our Brisbane builders that can fit into any size block you have. Standing out as two of our most popular double storey home designs are the Fairhaven & Carrington homes. 

The Fairhaven is a two storey home with a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. It boasts four spacious bedrooms and three living areas with the ground level dedicated to entertaining and living and the second level set out as a family space. Designed for effortless living, the Fairhaven has an open entryway flowing into the downstairs entertaining areas, with the well-appointed kitchen and butler’s pantry making entertaining a breeze. If you’re seeking the ideal two storey family home, then look no further. The Fairhaven is also perfectly suited for a Hamptons style home, with a custom facade available to turn this into a double storey Hamptons home design. 

Our other popular two storey home design is the Carrington. The Carrington design offers open plan living perfect for a modern homes. By taking advantage of the space offerings in a double storey dwelling, the Carrington has a separate study, lounge, and leisure area, giving a growing family plenty of room to relax. Four sizable bedrooms are located on the upper level, with a leisure and study area. On the ground floor there is the kitchen and entertaining areas along with a guest bedroom and powder room. The Carrington also features custom facades to turn the design into a modern, contemporary home or a beachy, Hamptons style. 

Another popular option with two storey homes is to customise the design to create a unique home for your needs. With a custom build you can choose to reverse the floor plans like some of our clients are preferring. These reversed two storey homes have the bedrooms and laundry on the ground floor and the entertaining and master bedroom on the upper floor. Each home can be customised to your personal preferences, and with two levels, you have plenty of options for the design. A design option that is unique to two storey homes and sure to set yours apart is a void. As the name suggests, a void in a home is an area of empty space. At McCarthy Homes, we incorporate voids into our home designs not to waste space, but to create it. In double storey homes, the flooring between the lower and upper floor is removed which creates an area where light can penetrate the free space, adding warmth and a sense of openness to an otherwise under used area. Voids add an instant wow factor to your home, and allow you to enjoy the space for years to come. 

As you can see, there are so many options when it comes to building a double storey home. Whether you choose from our popular home designs or work with our team to design your own unique house plan, building a double storey house with McCarthy Homes means you’ll experience the best quality of Queensland builders.

Want to know more? Contact our team today to start planning your two storey house design. Call us on 07 3358 9704 or contact us online

The Best Builders For Split Level Home Designs In Brisbane

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Are you struggling to find a builder who’ll take on your split level home dream? We know many building companies who turn away from custom home designs however at McCarthy Homes, we relish the opportunity to create something special. We take pride in our approach for split level home designs, working with our skillset and your dreams to build your ideal home. Our dedication and creativity means your home is perfectly suited to your sloping block’s needs.

Why Other Builders Turn Down Split Level Homes

Due to the complexity of building on sloping blocks most builders will likely have to customise a lot of the house design based on the slope’s layout to ensure that the house will sit correctly. Unfortunately, this level of design is often too much for most builders to attempt, and they’ll pass the project onto a more capable builder. McCarthy Homes is proud to be the builder who other builders recommend when it comes to sloping blocks and split level homes.

What Is The Process To Build A Split Level Home With McCarthy Homes?

If you have a sloping block or are looking to build a split level home then your first step should always be to contact McCarthy Homes! Once our team has spoken to you and knows about your needs, we will arrange to come out to your block and assess the site. It is vital for split level home builders to complete a personal inspection of your block as once we have viewed the site and the slope in person, we can better understand the complexities of the build and can provide home plans that suit your specific needs. 

Customising a split level home design to best fit on your existing block enables us to minimise the impact of the build on your land and maximise the overall amenity of the site. By designing your split level home around your site’s slope, we can create a home that is a better fit, being more functional to live in and more cost effective to build.

What Are the Benefits Of Building A Split Level Home On A Sloping Block?

There are so many reasons why building a split level home on your sloping block will be worth the extra effort. Our builders will work to optimise your site’s key features including the views, sustainability and space.

By working with the layout of your land we can develop a split level home that will ensure you make the most of your spectacular views. Sloping blocks also offer some exclusive benefits over a standard block when it comes to enhanced home energy efficiency with natural light, airflow and natural drainage. 

Is Building A Split Level Home More Expensive?

We hear this question a lot when people are considering building a split level home. Due to the unique nature of each split level home design, the building costs are also unique to each new build. The cost of a split level home depends on multiple factors including the actual home design and the exact slope of the land. 

If you’re looking at costs per square metre then building a split level home can be more expensive to build because of structural issues with the split of the land, however it can also be cheaper than building a flat house on a sloping block. Often, by starting with a design that doesn’t fit your site, you will end up incurring extra costs up to $100,000.

So ultimately, building a house that minimises changing the land structure and works with the slope will be cheaper than excavating to flatten the land and building a flat home design. 

Learn More About Brisbane’s Best Split Level Home Builders

McCarthy Homes is proud to be Brisbane’s and South East Queensland’s first choice builder for split level homes. Our expert team has years of experience with building the best split level home designs for our Brisbane & Queensland clients. We’re the builders that other builders recommend when it comes to complex builds and blocks. If you’re looking to build on a sloping block, narrow block or split level block, talk to our team today and turn your dreams into your reality! 

Want to know more? Contact our team today to start building your split level home. Call us on 07 3358 9704 or contact us online.

The Ultimate Hamptons Style Home In Australia

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The Hamptons trend has well and truly established itself as one of the most popular home design styles in the world. For those new to the Hamptons style design, the Hamptons to New Yorkers is like Bondi for Sydney-siders or Noosa for Queenslanders. It’s classy and by the water with open and airy interiors. 

Traditional Hamptons style homes feature crisp whites, beachy blues, natural accents and light and bright interiors. It’s coastal living in luxury and sophistication. So it’s easy to see why the Hamptons style has been especially popular in Australia, with our close proximity to beaches and a climate that’s well suited to open-plan, breezy houses. 

Ever since the established Hamptons style was introduced to Australians, we’ve been slowly adapting the design to our own tastes and environment. Nowadays, Australia is recognised as having our own Hamptons style, slightly different from the US version. In Australia, the ultimate Hamptons style home will include more modern building materials such as weatherboards and corrugated steel and expand on the afresco and outdoor entertaining areas by incorporating the addition of verandas, which are reminiscent of country homes and Queenslanders. 

At McCarthy Homes, we’re proud to be the Hampton home specialists in Queensland; offering a range of fresh, bright and breezy Hampton home designs to suit all tastes and budgets.

If you have a particular Hamptons design in mind our design team can create your dream with you. Alternatively if you don’t know what you’re looking for apart from a Hamptons style, then we recommend you explore our most popular Hamptons home design, the Fairhaven. 

A perfect blend of luxury and comfort, the Fairhaven boasts four spacious bedrooms and three living areas. Designed for effortless living, the open entryway flows into the downstairs entertaining areas, with the well-appointed kitchen and butler’s pantry making entertaining a breeze. If you’re seeking the ideal Hamtons style family home, then the Fairhaven is perfect for you. 

The Fairhaven: The Ultimate Hamptons Style Home In Australia

Our Fairhaven house design is our most loved Hamptons style home, to show you why we’ll talk you through just some of its design highlights.


The Fairhaven design includes a fully styled Hamptons kitchen complete with stone benches and a butler’s pantry. To create that Hamptons bright and airy feel, the kitchen blends into an open plan with the family living and dining areas. 


A Hamptons classic; our Fairhaven design features a walk-through laundry/mudroom that leads from the garage into the butler’s pantry. A very popular feature. 

Luxury Living 

In quintessential Hamptons style, your entire family can enjoy the peak of luxury living within our Fairhaven home design. Stonework pillars and a balcony above the garage display the Hamptons lifestyle with the option for an indoor fireplace for that ultimate Hamptons design.

To learn more about our Fairhaven design follow the link here to discover it’s floor plans and possible façades.

Our McCarthy Homes Home Design Team have helped hundreds of homeowners create the perfect Hamptons home design. Choose from Coastal Hampton styles to more Traditional styles and even a few unique Queenslander façade styles. We can help with unique floor plans and a stylish façade that will stand the test of time. To learn more about our Hamptons home designs or to design your own custom Hamptons home talk to our friendly sales team today. Call us on 07 3358 9704 or contact us online here

Corner Block House Designs

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Some blocks of land can require more creative planning than others. Corner blocks, like sloping blocks or narrow blocks, present a unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to your house design. At McCarthy Homes, we have a range of corner block house plans perfectly suited to make the most of corner blocks. We’ll combine our knowledge and expertise with your personal style to craft a high quality space that is tailored to you. And with over 20 years of experience behind us, you can rest assured that your new home is in good hands.

corner block house designs

Things To Consider When Looking For Corner Block Home Designs

If you have bought or are thinking about buying a corner block for your new home, here are some important factors to consider in corner block house designs from our experts here at McCarthy Homes.

Corner Homes Have Two Façades Instead Of One

Due to the positioning of a corner block you will have the opportunity to display two façades for your home. You’ll need to decide which façade you want to be the main entrance as it needs to take into account any other constraints such as the slope of your block, vehicle and foot traffic, the location of services and utilities, driveway, street trees and street lighting.

Be Aware Of Your Council Area Regulations

Depending on your area your local council may have specific regulations for corner blocks. For example some require a larger building setback along one of your street-facing boundaries, which can reduce the space available for your new home.

Some residential estates may also have regulations about setbacks, to help maintain consistency or character. These regulations, combined with the size, shape and slope of your block, will be the primary factors that need to be considered from the beginning of your planning.

Access Points For Corner Block Homes

Depending on local regulations, you may be able to choose where you want to place your driveway crossing, garage and front door, giving you greater flexibility in the design process. This flexibility can elevate the design of your home, especially if you have a sloping block of land.

Choose Your Views From Your Corner Block Home

In an ordinary block, your front-facing home will be bordered by houses on at least two sides which limits your options for windows. Corner block house designs do an amazing job of letting in as much light as possible, especially if your block of land is north facing. You can achieve even greater views if your corner block home is a double storey home as well.

corner block house design

What to Look for in a Corner Block House Plan

When looking for a corner block house design you need to consider the size and orientation of the block and the way the floor plan is arranged to best fit into that. At McCarthy Homes we provide house designs that can be adjusted to suit your preferences and any other requirements needed to fit into the size and shape of your block, including sloping. 


Our Fairhaven house design is a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, it boasts four spacious bedrooms and three living areas. Designed for effortless living, the open entryway flows into the downstairs entertaining areas, with the well-appointed kitchen and butler’s pantry making entertaining a breeze. If you’re seeking the ideal corner block design for your family home, look no further.

Explore our Fairhaven corner block house design 


Our Patterson home is also perfect for corner block house designs. The upper level features its own living area and three bathrooms, ensuring everyone in the family has their own space.

Downstairs has an absolutely stunning outdoor entertaining and pool area that will easily entertain vibrant and energetic parties as well as allow for serene Sunday mornings. It’s easy to see why the Patterson is a perfect family home.

Explore our Patterson corner block house design 

Contact Us About Your Corner Block House Design

To learn more about our range of Corner Block House Designs why not take a virtual tour online? You’ll be able to get a feel for the home designs, facades, materials and finishes you like.

To get in touch with our friendly and experienced McCarthy Homes team about your corner block home design call us on 07 3358 9704 or send us a message online

Polaris Hamptons Facade

The Best McCarthy 5 Bedroom Home Designs

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You don’t need to settle for less when you can have more! Our 5 bedroom home designs are perfect if you have a big family and even bigger dreams for your new home. In this article we’ll go through our best 5 bedroom home designs so you can pick your ideal layout!

Our architectural range of modern contemporary and Hampton style 5 bedroom home designs are testament that with a little creativity, anything is possible. With 2 story house designs or a layout all on the one level, you’ll have plenty of space for your dream home even on a narrow or small block.

We currently offer four options for 5 bedroom home designs, they are: Vogue, Whitehaven, Polaris and Carrington. Alternatively we can build custom 5 bedroom homes for clients with a singular vision of what they are looking for.

Each of our 5 bedroom home designs also come with upgradable inclusions for you to experience a new level of luxury. Whether you’re looking for a Hampton style or to customise your materials we can include these features in your new home.


The Vogue is a 5 bedroom home design that caters to the needs of the whole family. With a deluxe master bedroom that some only dream of, and four living areas to choose from, it’s perfect for a growing family.



Perfectly designed to suit narrow lot blocks, the Whitehaven boasts an open plan kitchen, family & dining area with a separate upstairs leisure room. The well-appointed kitchen and butler’s pantry will make entertaining on the spacious adjoining alfresco a breeze.



This stunning 5 bedroom home design comes with a range of upgradable inclusions to transform this family home into a holiday retreat. The photo used here shows the Polaris with a Hamptons façade; giving you all the style and class of traditional Hamptons homes without the expensive Hamptons price tag.

The Polaris is popular for those who want a one-storey home design for their family. Its spacious floor plan is light-filled and airy with plenty of room to live and relax in. The fifth bedroom in this design is optional, switching between a study or a bedroom as you need.

The Polaris represents modern family living at its best. Meticulously designed, the open plan living area forms the social hub of the home, while secondary bedrooms are accessed via a separate hallway, forming a quiet sleep zone.

Key Features

  • Five sizeable bedrooms
  • Master suite with ensuite and walk-in robe
  • Open plan living, family, and kitchen area
  • Walk-in pantry
  • An expansive alfresco for entertaining
  • Double garage
Polaris Hamptons Facade


The Carrington is our most popular 5 bedroom home design. Perfect for large families or those wanting the extra space, this stylish and open home offers a range of luxuries built within a clever design to utilise the land available, even on a small block.

The Carrington design offers open plan living, a separate study, lounge, and leisure area, giving a growing family plenty of room to relax. Four sizeable bedrooms are located on the upper level, with ensuite to master, bathroom and powder room to ground floor.

Key Features

  • Multiple spacious bedrooms
  • Master suite with double vanity ensuite and walk-in robe
  • Ensuite, bathroom and a powder room on the lower level
  • Three living areas – leisure, lounge and family
  • Open plan living family and kitchen area
  • Walk-in pantry and linen
  • An expansive alfresco for entertaining
  • Double garage

How to design your custom home in 2021

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How to design your custom home in 2021


We’re all individual. We all have unique needs and wants and ideas. It’s only natural then that we all have different ideas of what a dream home looks like. So how do you design your customer home in 2021?

The best news is, with McCarthy Homes you can bring your dream home to life.

You don’t have to be tied into designs, layouts, fixtures and features when you build with us. You can create a home as individual as you are.

Forget about boring template homes and say hello to fully customisable properties in 2021.

Here’s how…




A dream home starts with an idea. Over the years that idea is fuelled with the lifestyle likes and dislikes you develop as you observe and live in various houses.

The idea grows and you formulate a home in your mind that incorporates everything you appreciate, all the features that fit your needs. Whatever makes you comfortable is there. The floorplan matches your personality, the fittings reflect your desires.

Some people sit on their idea for years. Some want to see it brought to life as soon as possible. Finances, relationships and personal situations all play a part in when you’re ready to launch your dream home journey.

When you are, it’s time to find the perfect partners to bring it to life. You need to choose custom home builders like McCarthy Homes, who complement your ideals and have the talent and skills to guide your dream into fruition.




Building your dream home is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you really want to pick the right design and build team to collaborate with.

There are limitless decisions and considerations that go beyond simply having a good design in mind. Some of these include:

  • Helping choose a block of land that fits in with your ideas and wants and is located in a suitable spot for your family.
  • Deciding on a budget that fits with your finances while not compromising on your dream.
  • Does the design you have in mind suit the style of home you’re after?
  • Can all building work be done to council and Australian standards?
  • Does your design reflect any future changes in your family dynamic? For instance, do you really need that extra wing if the kids are about to leave home?

McCarthy Homes have built countless custom homes over the years. We know the right questions to ask, and we know how to guide you into choices that are sustainable and the right fit for your unique character. We speak the language of building and can facilitate this often-overwhelming process for you in a stress-free and seamless way.


Enjoy a Personalised Touch


Dedicated and creative, McCarthy Homes takes the time to really understand what you want from your custom house building experience. We sit down with you, absorb your ideas and present our solutions that will lead to your ideal home being constructed with us.

We treat our clients like family. Each and every one gets a personalised experience founded on knowledge, transparency and crystal-clear communications. From the initial bouncing around of ideas to the special moment when we handover your keys, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.


Experience the Rewards of Designing Your Own Home


It’s almost impossible to describe the pride you feel when you see your dream home manifest itself into reality. You’ve shaped your living space, the standout features were your idea, you chose all the fittings. Your vision has come to life and it’s an immensely satisfying feeling. There’s also something about living in a brand-new space that just feels good.

Whether you’re building in Ballina, the Sunshine Coast or any location in-between, McCarthy Homes can ensure your custom home journey is a smooth and enjoyable one. Our tailored solutions are here for you, whether you know exactly what you want or need guidance in getting started.


Above all, we’re confident that our industry-leading design and construction skills will lead to the home of your dreams. Why not contact us today and let’s take the first steps together?

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How to build your dream home on acreage

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Acreage home design by McCarthy Homes

Have you been thinking about living the acreage lifestyle? Basking in the space and privacy of rural living, where peace and quiet reign supreme?

You’re not alone.

More and more Australian families are opting for bigger blocks outside of urban centres. Not only is there beautiful scenery and swathes of space for kids and pets, there’s also the opportunity to build your own beautifully designed acreage home.


McCarthy acreage homes


At McCarthy Homes we know that building your dream home on acreage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It can be a challenging process, especially if your plot is a little off the beaten path. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we can make it a seamless, creative and fulfilling process for you.

Here’s a few things to think about when you’re planning how to build your dream home on acreage.



Move in or Knockdown and Rebuild?


There’s a chance there’ll already be an existing property built on the acreage you’re looking at. You have two options here: move in and update it, or knock it down and start from scratch. The last option means a pure, blank canvas to build your dream acreage home on, but ultimately the decision rests on your needs, desires and budget.

Check local council building codes


Building on acreage differs to urban construction in that there are more environmental factors to take into account. Local council will have strict guidelines for building in the area, taking into account water conservation, waste treatment and bushfire requirements. McCarthy Homes will take all of this into account when submitting applications to council, taking the pressure off you.


Set your budget


Before you enter the planning stages it’s important to have a budget set. We’ve all heard the horror stories of new build home budgets spiralling out of control. If you have the proper plans in place and a strict budget your professional builder will be able to stick to it. Putting a hard cap on expenses gives them the boundaries they need to work within.


Take local conditions into account


As acreage builders there are a number of factors McCarthy looks at before we design your home with you. These include where the sun rises and sets in relation to where you want to build, what the slope of the land is like and which direction the breeze comes from.


Design a home that suits your lifestyle


The beauty of building a dream acreage property is the available space means there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Write out your ‘wish list’ and see how much of it you can work into your budget. Items to discuss could be:

  • What style of home do you want to build? Hamptons? Queenslander? Lowset or double storey?
  • How expansive should your outdoor entertaining area be? Fire pit? Barbeque area? Pergola?
  • Can you afford to install a swimming pool now, or should a future swimming pool be accommodated in the plans?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms in the home?
  • Will the kids have their own wing? Will extra play areas be included for them?
  • How much extra storage should we include in the design?
  • How many secure garage spaces should we include?


Decide on landscaping


Acreage properties obviously have a lot of area to tend to when it comes to landscaping. When planning your garden, a big factor to think about is how much time you want to spend maintaining it. If you’re an avid gardener, rolling green lawns and lush flower beds could fit the bill. If not, consider low maintenance gardens that rely on the natural beauty of local flora.


McCarthy Homes acreage home designs 

With builds perfectly tailored to you and your lifestyle, we’ll make sure your new house feels like home.


The Manor has been designed to suit larger blocks, with an open plan living area and a seperate lounge and study. Offering four sizeable bedrooms, it’s perfect for a larger family.


An acreage lot dream, the four bedroom Windermere design is ideal for the modern family. In addition to a large open plan living space and spacious alfresco, the design features a study and separate lounge, ensuring there is plenty of space for the whole family to unwind.




When you build your dream acreage property with McCarthy Homes, we provide a personal Client Service Manager who works with you through the entire process.

We guide you through every step, from conception to design to construction, and are there at the end to give you the keys and welcome you into your new home.

If it’s time to start turning your acreage dream home into a reality, why not contact McCarthy Homes today? We can’t wait to start creating your little piece of paradise for you!

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Or, call us on (07) 3358 9704

Building your Dream Home on a Narrow Lot

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Building your dream home on a narrow lot


As our urban centres grow, the scramble for inner city land also increases. The old quarter-acre blocks of yesteryear are as rare as hens’ teeth, with most already being subdivided and sold off.


Does a smaller block mean you should give up on your dream of a spacious, luxury inner-city lifestyle?


Absolutely not!


McCarthy Homes can help you design your dream home on a narrow block of land, without compromising on space or lifestyle.



Feature-rich designs


Our innovative designs are loaded with inclusions and all the essential elements of comfortable family living.


In some Australian inner cities, even a parking space is a commodity. Yet while your neighbours might be relying on street parking permits, your McCarthy narrow lot home, such as the Metropolitan 36, will have its own double lock-up garage.


Through clever design and utilisation of all the available space, we ensure your narrow lot property is as feature-rich as a property on a much larger block of land.


These features can include:

  • Dual-level living;
  • Four generous bedrooms on the top level;
  • Two bathrooms AND a powder room;
  • Expansive master suite with ensuite bathroom and walk-in-robe;
  • Outdoor alfresco entertaining area;
  • Open-plan family and kitchen space;
  • A swimming pool, if the block size permits.


How to make the most of a narrow lot when you build


McCarthy Homes have designed and built many homes on narrow lots over the years. We love how they force us to be creative so our homeowners get the most out of their block of land and can enjoy a comfortable, luxurious lifestyle.


Here are a five things to note when you’re designing a home on a smaller lot:


1. Build up and open up


Hampton style narrow lot Metropolitan display in Rochedale by McCarthy Homes

Due to the smaller footprint of land available, our narrow-lot designs incorporate a second level to maximise living space. On both levels we aim for a free flowing, open plan design to enhance a sense of roominess and spatial abundance.


A seamless flow between living areas such as the kitchen, dining and family area without unnecessary walls makes them the social centre of the home. Entertainment becomes a more unified experience, while day-to-day living is simply easier and more pleasant.


2. Indoor/outdoor living



Wide sliding glass doors leading to an outdoor entertaining area are very effective at augmenting a spacious feel. In Australia we crave an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, and to be able to implement that in an inner-city, small block setting is very special indeed. If there is sufficient space for a swimming pool then you really can enjoy the ultimate urban lifestyle.


3. Let there be light


Hampton style narrow lot Metropolitan display in Rochedale by McCarthy Homes


Using natural light to your advantage increases the spacious feel of a property. Large windows placed in clever positions promote an airy and expansive feel. The use of skylights can also really assist in throwing light into normally dark places.


A mirror across the room from a window actually increases the natural light being spread around a room. Similarly, reflective and shiny ornaments and decorations help reflect sunlight around and brighten up the space.


4. Forward-thinking storage


This is often a concern when people are designing a home on a narrow lot. By being creative in the design phase, it’s amazing how much storage space you can include without reducing living space. McCarthy Homes would love to show you some of the design tricks we implement to maximise storage space.


5. Interior Colours


Hampton style narrow lot Metropolitan display in Rochedale by McCarthy Homes

When choosing your colour pallet for the interiors and furniture, remember darker colours make a room feel smaller. We’d recommend opting for lighter or neutral shades, as well as a minimalist approach avoiding lots of patterns or textures. Keep it classy and keep it simple.


Start your home building journey today



The lifestyle offered by a narrow block home doesn’t have to be restrictive in any way. Creative architectural designs can provide spacious comfort, while allowing you to inject your own unique character and flair into them.


McCarthy Homes would love to help you with the construction of your narrow block home. We have a client service manager who would be with you throughout the entire process, from design stages to handing you the keys to your new home.


To get the ball rolling, why not contact McCarthy Homes today and we can answer any questions you might have about building your dream home on a narrow block?


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Or, call us on (07) 3358 9704

The benefits of buying a display home

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banner image of McCarthy Homes
At some point in your homeowner journey you’ve no doubt walked into a display home and been completely blown away. The design, the specs, the location… it’s everything you want from a home.

A voice in your head whispers “If only this could be yours.”

Well, with McCarthy Homes, it can. Our display homes are available for purchase, and there are a bunch of reasons why you should consider one for your next property buy.

Here are a few of the benefits of buying a display home.



Leaseback options


When you buy a McCarthy display home, there’s no hunting around looking for the right tenant. We already have the perfect tenant lined up for you – us! We leaseback the home at an attractive predetermined rate, so you know exactly what your income from the property will be for the entirety of the lease. It’s regarded as one of the highest yielding investments you can get.

As well as guaranteed income, this saves you money on property management, inspection and letting fees. You can still claim on depreciation; your rent will always be paid and we’re not going to throw any wild parties. Now that sounds like a good investment.

When the leaseback finishes, you get the keys to your luxury turn-key home, ready to move into or rent out.


Pinnacle by McCarthy Homes at 4 Cardinal Crescent Newport 4020 QLD





Your display home will often be within a display village, an area deemed to be more accessible, convenient and generally more desirable than other parts of the estate.  This already places your new display home at an advantage.

The display village will also consist of other top-of-the-range homes designed to show off the developers’ skills. You’re going to be surrounded by quality properties, and the streetscape of the will be established and maintained to a striking and appealing level.

Sometimes a display home is within a growing suburb, not an estate. Rest assured we have done our research and selected a sought-after street that’s convenient and easily accessed.

Metropolitan by McCarthy Homes at 153 Splendour St, Rochedale 4123 QLD


Fittings and inclusions


A McCarthy display home is designed to impress, showcasing our best in design and our premium fixtures, fittings and features. It’s our chance to put our best foot forward and show buyers the high level of quality they can expect from us.

When you buy a display home from us, you’re getting the best available features at a reasonable price. We’re talking cutting-edge design where every aspect of the build has been considered, style elements that take your breath away, trend-setting fittings and chic fixtures.

When our lease ends, you get first option to purchase the display furniture we used, meaning you get a fully furnished home with premium art and furnishings.

Located at 4 Cardinal Crescent Newport 4020, the Pinnacle 29 Display home by McCarthy Homes.




A lot of new builds don’t have landscaping included in the cost. With a display home from McCarthy Homes, you’re going to get the best landscaping we can provide. Our architect-designed gardens and exceptional outdoor living spaces bring another level of liveability to a property. It’s all included when you purchase one of our display homes.




When you’ve got an investment property that you’re renting out, it’s a given that you pay for the maintenance. Problem with the plumbing? Electrics gone haywire? It comes out your pocket.

This isn’t the case when we lease the display home back from you. Maintenance is on us, because we want to keep the property in the best possible shape. So when a problem arises, we take care of it.

This doesn’t just extend to problems. We get cleaners in regularly to keep the property looking spick and span, and a landscape maintenance team keeps the gardens in top order.



The heavy lifting is done


Buying a new home or an investment property should be a stress-free process. It doesn’t get more seamless than when you buy a display home from McCarthy Homes. Forget about researching the latest in design and decorating trends. Forget about trying to figure out what the latest and best home features are.

We’ve done it all for you.

The floorplan is done, the inclusions are decided upon, the colour scheme is set. You simply walk in, fall in love with the home and we’ll get the ball rolling from there.



Current Opportunities 


Visit our Display Homes page to view our Display Homes that are currently for Sale. Discover each home today by taking a virtual tour, downloading the brochure, viewing the floor plan or reviewing the image galleries.


Explore Metropolitan

Located at 153 Splendour St, Rochedale 4123 QLD.

The Metropolitan is suited to narrow lots, and is ideal for those who love to entertain with a large open plan living area and deluxe alfresco. Four bedrooms ensure there is plenty of room for a growing family.


Metropolitan by McCarthy Homes at 153 Splendour St, Rochedale 4123 QLD


Discover Pinnacle.

Located at 4 Cardinal Crescent Newport 4020.

The Pinnacle captures the essence of exceptional contemporary design, expressed through the simplicity of strong, clean lines executed with precision.

Its purpose driven layout create ideal environments for modern living with seamless indoor to outdoor entertaining, multiple living zones, advantageous work spaces and relaxing sanctuaries – bathed in abundant natural light and fresh air.

The design has style and substance; combining eye-catching geometry and articulation in its facade with an extensive array of projections and an attractive arrangement of render and glazing.

The layout includes; a sun drenched open plan living area, glazed middle courtyard area, double garage, rear main bedroom suite adjourning a separate first floor Leisure area.

As with all exceptional contemporary designs, the Pinnacle’s lines are sleek allowing its integrity to shine through in unison with its functionality and purpose.


Located at 4 Cardinal Crescent Newport 4020, the Pinnacle 29 Display home by McCarthy Homes


Discover Brookhaven

Located at 151 Splendour St, Rochedale, QLD 4123.

The Brookhaven is classic luxury and style, sure to encapsulate your imagination and desire like no other.  With a blend of style and functionality, the open plan living encompasses a mid-positioned void, leading to a stunning alfresco and open area.  A widened staircase leads to a first floor vista of space and open views, all assisted by generous glazing and natural light.

Features of this premium home include; Galley style kitchen with Butler’s pantry, spacious open plan dining and family room, Guest bedroom with separate Ensuite, full sized master suite with separate robe-room, individual study area and convertible linen / wine cellar.

The Brookhaven showcases McCarthy Home’s commitment to creating the best quality craftsmanship of enduring luxury family homes tailored for individual families.


Brookhaven 42 display by McCarthy Homes, 151 Splendour St, Rochedale, QLD 4123



Have you got any questions about how purchasing a display home from McCarthy Homes? Contact us today and we’ll gladly answer them for you.

Top ten tips to knock down and rebuild your dream home.

By | Architecture, Display Homes, Property News
What happens if you love where you live, but your family are growing out of the house? You belong in the neighbourhood, but you need more space?
Over the last ten years, homeowners are trusting McCarthy homes to knock down, design and rebuild their new homes from start to finish. It’s what we are known for and it’s why we have our best tips for you to consider before taking the magnificent leap to your dream space!


1) Out with the old, in with the new.

Knocking down a house needs careful planning. At McCarthy Homes, we have a rigorous step through process that keeps you informed every step of the way. We do it with you – from the first land checks, taking down your existing home to landscaping and handing over your new keys. All you need to do is come along with ideas, inspiration and be open to new possibilities.


2) Love the land you live on.

The first aspect we need to check is your land and whether it is suitable for a knockdown and rebuild? You will need planning information through your local council that outlines zoning and restrictions. We will guide you through this process.


3) Sunny side up for your home position.

The position of your new home is an exciting part of the design stage. When you wake up in the morning, do you want to be sunny side facing or enjoy sundown in your alfresco dining, poolside? Our designers create a land map to show you the options for an optimum position.


4) Get ready, move out, no stress.

Preparing to move out needs a timeline that works with your work and family. Relocating while we knock-down and build means finding a temporary home with minimum disruption. Our team are here to support the process that works with your family, from start to finish.


5) Dream big and design with us.

Building your dream home is usually a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It can feel overwhelming at the start. It begins with land mapping and building, and moves into the detail of tiles and décor. We like to see this as the fun part where you get to recreate a new space that will grow with you and your family.

We have many design elements for you to browse. We have designers that can show you how colours flow through your space, how granite, quartz and sandstone bench tops change the feel of a kitchen and how natural light determines how you furnish your master bedroom.


6) A pool with a view.

At McCarthy Homes we design pools that are an extension of your indoor living. Many families ask for pools to be visible from the open plan kitchen or your entertainment area.

We design swimming pools to flow seamlessly through the exterior land available and to the size you want. The safety fence and decking are part of the aspects that we can recommend with confidence.


7) Choose your style.

Our Hamptons homes and triple gabled Queenslanders are our most popular designs. With more than 50 design series, you can choose a style to suit your family.

Would you like a stunning Federation style kitchen featuring premium European kitchen appliances, butler’s pantry and cellar designed to bring out the inner chef in every family? We integrate with open dining and spacious entertainment area’s both inside and out, designing alfresco dining areas for celebrations to create great family memories.

Our homes feature bedrooms with beautifully designed ensuite’s, walk-in robes, study nook, leisure areas and open living spaces.There are many designs to choose from. Every design has a growing, dynamic family in mind.


8) Landscape for leisure and lazy days.

With busy lifestyles more of our homeowners are choosing styles that create a peaceful and tranquil ambience.

From your site measure to concept, we create plans and begin drawing until you can visualise your space coming to life.


9) Saving makes sense.

Demolishing and rebuilding capitalizes on your land value without paying stamp duty and agency fee’s of a sale.  We know there is less risk involved building a home, than a renovation or an extension.


10) The final countdown.

Your personal Client Service Manager will be with you through the knock down and rebuild process. You are one step closer to living your dream.

An on-site Construction Supervisor will keep you informed and consult with you through from start to finish:

  1. Commencement
  2. Base
  3. Frame
  4. Enclosed
  5. Fixing
  6. Handover
  7. Maintenance

We can’t wait for you to see the magic happen!

At McCarthy Homes,  we are the experts in knockdown and rebuild from Ballina to Noosa. Dream big and let us build for you!


Ready to get started? Contact us today!