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hampton-style house plans

Hampton-Style House Plans: Classically Gorgeous Homes

By | Architecture
hampton-style house plans
There is something to be said for timeless beauty. The kind of classical design that transcends trends and architectural eccentricity is something that many of us aspire to in our home. We want to live somewhere that will retain its visual impressiveness far into the future, something that we can be just as proud of on the day we retire as the day we bought it.Hampton-style house plans are a great starting point in the search for the kind of home that will deliver on all fronts.

Why are so many people searching for hampton-style house plans?

Hampton-style house plans have exploded in popularity in recent years. It has always been a timeless architectural style, but changes in accessibility and income have led to more people finding it to be more affordable and thus seeking it out as a design option for their own home.

Hampton-style house plans are the foundation upon which a truly beautiful home can be built. With a strong foundation (provided you pick the right designer and builder) you can expand into your own Hampton-style interior with the right balance of teal, navy and off-white hues. There’s a whole world of Hampton interior design out there, and it’s perfect inside a hampton-style home.

What to look for in hampton-style house plans

It might be hard to describe the ideal hampton-style house plan, but when you see it, you know it. A great Hampton-style house plan will acknowledge its roots and account for them. This means recognising that many of the things that make a Hampton-style home recognisable aren’t necessarily built into the frame. They include the furnishings, such as lantern-style lighting, and paintwork.

When you’re analysing the floor plans, look for open space, air flow and availability of natural light. Think of a stylish coastal home that has the doors and windows open through the warm summer months.

What are the best hampton-style house plans?

We’ve hunted through our archives to dig up some of the best Hampton-style house plans to share with you and get the ideas flowing.


Fairhaven is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort, exemplifying the foundational features that define the ideal Hampton-style house plan. Fairhaven takes full advantage of flowing movement to create a home that just fits together perfectly, while sensibly-designed features ensure that it is a pleasure to occupy.

Fairhaven Floor Plan:

Key Features:

  • Four large bedrooms
  • Open plan living area
  • Large emphasis on outdoor life with two areas
  • Formal dining area
  • Luxurious master bedroom

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The Provincial is one of the most stunning examples of Hampton-style homes we offer. Featuring a grand staircase and an outstanding kitchen suitable for all occasions, this home is a pleasure to occupy.

Provincial Floor Plan:

hampton style house plans - provincial floor plan

Key Features:

  • Four sizeable bedrooms
  • Deluxe kitchen with butler’s pantry
  • Alfresco – perfect for entertaining
  • Double garage with storeroom

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The Polaris is a modern, sophisticated take on traditional hampton-style house plans. It is meticulously designed, with all the features that exemplify modern family living.

Polaris Floor Plan:

hampton-style house plan - polaris

Key Features:

  • Five sizeable bedrooms
  • Large alfresco for hosting guests
  • Large master suite featuring an ensuite and walk-in robe

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When it comes to homeliness, Hampton-style house plans deliver in spaded. The Manor is the culmination of years of shifting home designs towards the perfect intersection of luxury and comfort. This is the ultimate family home for those who want to maximise the value of their time spent inside.

Manor Floor Plan:

hampton style house plans - manor

Key Features:

  • Great alfresco area for those early morning coffees
  • Separate study for full privacy
  • Double vanity in the master suite ensuite
  • Large open-plan living areas

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It’s all about lasting quality

All of the Hampton-style house plans we’ve listed above have one thing in common: central to their design is the concept of long-lasting quality. A home should stand the test of time, not only in appearance, but also in liveability. All McCarthy Homes are built from high quality materials and designed to be robust, as well as visually stunning, far into the future.

Want unique Hampton-style house plans?

We can help you develop the perfect Hampton-style house plans that will suit your budget and personal tastes. If you have an idea of what you are looking for and some features that you would like to see included in your new home, reach out to us. We’ll sit down, have a chat, find out your requirements and budget and help develop a plan that will be perfect for what you’re looking for.

Call us on (07) 3358 9704 or click here to email us.

The Fairhaven Display Home is Now Open

By | Display Homes
Our latest display home is now open. The Fairhaven is one of our favourite family home designs, and we are very pleased to be able to present it as an open home for you to inspect at your leisure.

The Fairhaven is the ideal family home. It exists at the intersection of luxury and comfort, with four spacious bedrooms designed to make you feel right at home the second you walk in the door.

Open-plan living and entertaining areas ensure that The Fairhaven is a delight to live in, encouraging interaction among family and friends and ensuring that everyone feels perfectly at ease in a luxurious setting.

It’s the little things that make The Fairhaven an absolute delight to live in. An excellently designed kitchen complemented by a butler’s pantry make entertaining a large crowd as simple as everyday meals. There’s something to be said for having everything you need in a kitchen that is built for entertainment.

Upstairs you’ll find a separate living area, a comfortable study nook and three bathrooms to ensure that the whole family has some space to themselves. Come along to one of our open inspections to view all that The Fairhaven has to offer and gain an appreciation for the McCarthy Homes difference.

The Fairhaven’s Features:

  • Four large, comfortable bedrooms
  • Walk in wardrobes and ensuites
  • Luxurious master bedroom with large walk-in wardrobe and ensuite
  • Study nook
  • Open plan family areas including the living room and kitchen
  • Additional family room upstairs
  • Formal living area
  • Two outdoor living areas


350 Oxley Road, Sherwood

Grand Opening Date

June 8th, 2019 at 10am

Viewing Times

Opening hours for The Fairhaven display home are:

Friday – Monday: 10am to 5pm

Tuesday – Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 12pm – 7pm

Home Specifications

Width: 12.65m

Depth: 21.58m

Min Lot Width: 14.9m

Total Area: 450sqm

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McCarthy Homes New Website Blog Banner

McCarthy Homes has a New Website

By | Property News
McCarthy Homes New Website Blog Banner
Our brand-new website launched over the weekend and we couldn’t be more pleased to share it with you. This new website has been in development for months and we are extremely happy to see it launch without a hitch.

The new McCarthy Homes website was designed from the ground-up to deliver an exceptional experience for our valued clients.


Some time ago, we recognised that our old website did not adequately reflect our brand. We construct beautiful homes that are a pleasure to behold, yet our website failed to communicate this effectively. So, the journey towards a new website began.

The Process

Our website design process began with intensive discovery sessions with our development teams. We had to delve deeply into what makes McCarthy Homes the respected and sought-after brand that it is today. It was insightful for all involved, and gave us renewed respect for our own brand, as well as a better understanding of our failure to adequately communicate who we are and how we should go about that moving forward.

What followed was months of design and website development. Throughout the process tweaks and changes were made based on user feedback, development hurdles and ongoing discovery.

The final stage of this arduous process, the reveal to the public, will be the true test of the quality of our new website.

Functionality and User Experience 

The new McCarthy Homes website leaves nothing behind that our previous website offered. We still maintain a range of functionality, including the ability to view house plans, sign up for our newsletter, interact socially and much more.

The major changes lie in our user experience. A far more intuitive navigation structure, smoother edges across the whole site and a simple experience ensure that using the new McCarthy Homes website is a pleasure rather than a chore.

Experience it Now

Please go ahead and explore the website. We welcome all feedback, however we are quite sure that you’ll have a great time navigating through a new site that we are immensely proud of.