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best new home builders brisbane

The Best New Home Builders in Brisbane: Don’t Compromise on Your New Home

By | Architecture
best new home builders brisbane
The time has come. You’re pre-approved, you have the land, and now you need a builder to erect your dream home. However, you’re in a quandary. You don’t know any builders. How do you know who’s right for you?

We’ve dealt with dozens of people facing this exact situation. It’s hard to know who to trust, particularly when you’re not even sure which questions you should be asking to begin with. We’ve put together a brief list of the type of things you should be on the lookout for while you’re searching for the best new home builder that you can find.

Past work

Many quality builders will have a portfolio of past work that you can take a look at. This should showcase many different housing types, across different block types, and should hopefully illustrate their capabilities in a range of environments with different house designs.

If you already have a specific home design in mind, make sure that your chosen builder has the right experience to take on your project. Ask questions about their past work, where they expect challenges to arise, and how they’ve coped with difficult builds in the past, or builds similar to your own. If you aren’t yet firm on the type of design you’d like for your home, a good new home builder will be able to help you find the right design for your budget and needs.


Professionalism during the early stages of your relationship with any new home builder is a good indicator of how they will act throughout the rest of the home building process. Staff who are courteous and focussed on doing their job well is a great start to a relationship with a new home builder. Alternatively, if they take a long time to respond, are generally sloppy in their attitude, or otherwise present multiple issues when you’re first trying to deal with them, it’s unlikely to get much better from there.


The level of inclusions that come with any home package can cause a lot of frustration and confusion for people that are new to the process of purchasing a home off the plan. Make sure you’re very clear on what you’re getting for what you’re paying. Think of things like hot water tanks, light fittings, power points, different doors or double glazing on windows. There will be plenty of options available to you that you may not have considered.

Liability and insurance

The builder’s level of insurance may play a role in your decision-making process. This may help protect you from a whole range of issues down the track, particularly unnecessary delays or issues with your build if something goes awry. A couple of must-have types of insurance include Public Liability insurance and Home Warranty Insurance. All quality home builders will have both of these forms of insurance.


In addition to checking a potential builder’s insurance coverage, it can be beneficial to ensure that they are registered with relevant builder’s organisations. The two you’ll want to check are the Master Builders of Australia (MBA) and the Housing Industry of Australia (HIA). Up here in Queensland you could also consider contacting the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) or using their website to run a basic search for a builder.

The contract

Your contract will outline the scope of work that the builder will perform. It’s important to be aware of what’s included because in many cases you may not be getting what you initially expected. Some builders for example, will limit themselves strictly to construction of the home. This will leave you without some add-ons like a driveway, front fence, landscaped garden, and other “necessities” that many homeowners like to have ready to go when they move into their new home.

Have a good read of your contract, including scope of work, how adjustments work, scheduled completion, and the countless other factors that may seem needless or unnecessary now but can be critically important when things go sideways.

Due diligence

Above all else, you need to make sure that you do your own due diligence. Building a house is a big step for anyone. For you to be sure that you’re working with the best new home builder in Brisbane that can suit your budget and personal requirements, you have to do the research yourself.

Send your questions our way

We’re here to help. Choosing the best new home builder for your particular needs and circumstances isn’t easy. Get in touch with us for a chat. There are no obligations – we’ve just been around the block a few times, so we can probably help answer some of your questions.

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Fairhaven 42

Fairhaven is the ideal family home. Like all McCarthy Homes, it seamlessly blends luxury and comfort in an easy going, flowing architectural style that encourages effortless living. The office nook at Fairhaven possibly goes a little further than most office nooks, but we believe it still qualifies because it’s not quite technically an office, and it follows all the standard design principles of a good office nook.

Office Nooks: Small but Stylish

By | Interior Design
The extra-large office with space for stacks of paperwork and overloaded bookshelves is fast becoming a thing of the past. Technology continues to drive us forward towards ever-smaller storage requirements for ever-increasing amounts of data. Today, it’s entirely possible to have everything you need to carry out a modern job at your fingertips, all inside a laptop.For that reason, we see many people looking for a smaller office space. Rather than dedicate an entire room to an office, when really all that is needed is a desk, people are instead finding other uses for that room and looking elsewhere for their workspace.

Enter the office nook (also known as a study nook) – a small, out of the way space for you to get your work done, without sacrificing a huge amount of floor space in your home. At McCarthy Homes, we are big fans of the office nook. We have incorporated them into a number of home designs and will continue to do so into the future – it’s an easy way to meet homeowners’ needs in an efficient way.


Sometimes everything is sacrificed in the name of efficiency, but that’s not the case with McCarthy Homes-designed office nooks. Like everything else in our homes, ageless sophistication leads the design process, with all else secondary. We don’t design just to save space, we design according to the lifestyle requirements of our homes’ residents.

The office nook is an extraordinarily efficient way of maximising floor space within your home while still maximising the use you can get out of your office space. Employing an office nook with overhead shelving in an out of the way place can help free up an entire room while ensuring you have the space you need to work effectively.

Space Saving

Many modern home designs seek to maximise the use of open space, and we are no exception. We always keep in mind the importance of family areas and communal spaces when we are designing homes. To this end, office nooks can be an excellent complementing factor. Just out of the way, but still contributing to an open plan, office nooks allow you to dive into your work while still remaining part of the household around you. Even when your home has plenty of space, an office nook can still add that extra bit of convenience without needlessly getting in the way.


Good design is the core of a great office nook. Simple additions, like a floating desk or recessed shelving, can really complement the stylishness of an office nook while maximising its efficiency in use of space. Understanding how design impacts both the appearance and usefulness of an office nook is an important factor to understand when building your own or working with a builder or designer to include one in a new home.

If you are familiar with McCarthy Homes you’re already well aware of the importance we place on good design,  When it comes to office nooks, this really comes to light. Elegant, efficient, and perfectly comfortable for everyone in the family, our office nooks are the perfect addition to a home.

McCarthy Homes Office Nooks

We’re a big fan of the office nook. It serves the same purpose as a larger office while maximising efficient use of space, freeing up floor space and rooms elsewhere in the home for a wider range of use. Many of our most popular home designs feature office nooks, and we often receive requests when designing custom homes to include an office nook within the build. Below are just a couple of our current display homes that feature office nooks.

Riviera 38

The Riviera is a beautiful four bedroom home. Designed for comfortable living, it features a large walk-in pantry, and alfresco area and four separate living areas. It’s the type of home that encourages relaxation and enjoying watching the world go by. An office nook is right at home in the Riviera, adding extra convenience in an accessible place. In a home filled with living areas, an open and inviting office nook is the perfect addition.

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Fairhaven 42

Fairhaven is the ideal family home. Like all McCarthy Homes, it seamlessly blends luxury and comfort in an easy going, flowing architectural style that encourages effortless living. The office nook at Fairhaven possibly goes a little further than most office nooks, but we believe it still qualifies because it’s not quite technically an office, and it follows all the standard design principles of a good office nook.