Home Building Tips

Why do people choose to build? Maybe it is because no other feeling compares to being handed the keys to your new home - a house that you have created with your dreams, sprinkled a little bit of time and imagination and made it yours...

You have chosen the colours, you have chosen the atmosphere, you have chosen the flooring, you have chosen the accessories, you have chosen everything! The house has never belonged to anyone else, there is nothing to change, it is perfect and ready for you to start your life in.

Now that the big decision to build has been made, it is all of the small details that can very easily overwhelm you.

Do any of these questions sound familiar:

  • What should our house look like? 
  • What colour should it be? 
  • Should we do timber floors or tiles? 
  • What is in fashion right now? 
  • How can I make it trendy, yet not date?
  • How much will this really cost us? 
  • What about resale?  
  • How do we reach 6 star energy efficiency? 
  • How do I know that I am getting the best quality?

Step back from all of the questions that are radiating through your brain—each one will be answered in due course. Look at the grand scheme of things—the bigger picture. Once you have figured that out, the rest will come easily. Here are some tips which will help you when it comes to designing a new house. 

The Appearance of your New Home

The first thing usually on one’s mind when building is the appearance of their house. After all, that is the first impression that one gets of your home—and it can either be a lasting impression or a non-existent one. Appearance encompasses texture, colour, material and features all in one.  

Here are a couple of helpful tips for new home builders:

  • First, find inspiration. Rip apart magazines that are full of interior design ideas (I am a huge advocate for tearing things to shreds and creating your own idea journal or binder)—drive through different neighbourhoods—look through displays—watch television—do anything that will inspire you to find what your dream for your house is. If you hate something, document it. If you love something, document it. If something appeals to you though you have no idea what it is called, document it -describe it. We will look through all of these ideas in your selections meeting and we will get to the bottom of what it is that you want.
  • The next inevitable topic of appearance is the much loved (or much loathed) idea of colour. Some people are very decisive in this area, while others want more guidance. 

Figure out what colours you find irresistible and those that you can very happily live without. Choose a solid colour that will withstand the test of time. Remember, your personal trimmings will add that extra punch to your house as well—features, art, pillows, photos, vases, flowers—all of these will add colour and interest to the house.

Location also plays a huge influence on colours and appearance. Textures and colours that will be stunning on a coastal house may look out of place in a rural area. The key is to make sure that your house isn’t too offensive to the neighbours, and vice versa. Do you realise that the neighbours’ house could affect the appearance of your house as well? We have all seen that colour changes depending on what it is surrounded by—putting a crisp white wall with a beige tile can make the tile look pink or even yellow. The same applies for the houses around you—do not change your style to conform to the neighbourhood, but be aware that the pink house next door may reflect slightly on your crisp white home. 

  • Lastly, texture and features also add to the look of your home—both can take a house from bland to amazing. To make a subtle statement, keep the same colour scheme but vary the textures. Scyon™ cladding, brickwork, texture paint, stacking stone, timber, tiles—all of these items add  a different grain and appearance to your home. Use texture to your advantage and create an interesting home that can still manage to impress fifteen years from now.

Identify Your 'Non-negotiable' Requirements For Your New Home

Everyone has a different idea of what they perceive as the “vital” part of the house. Some people believe it to be the kitchen, while others may think that it is important to be sustainable. What is important to you and your family? Is it multi-functional spaces? Is it having more storage than you will ever be able to fill? Stunningly dramatic stairs? Is outdoor entertaining the key? What about a wine cellar? Security?

Because you are individual, your perception of what is important will be different to mine. Regardless of what the focal point is, try to put your finger on it as that will probably be the area that takes a bit more love and attention. This is that area that you will want to spend more time perfecting—the area that you don’t want do compromise on.

Incorporate Your Own Sense of Flair

What is the most IMPORTANT tip that I can give you in relation to design and decorating? BE YOURSELF. Just because you read about the newest trend in a design magazine, do NOT feel the pressure to include it in your house. You have to live there and make it a home—fashions come and go, but you have to live in your house for years to come. It’s your home and you want your personality to shine through—your family, your interests, your passions and desires--let those be the guiding factors. 

Try not to allow the minor details to overwhelm you. Yes, there are a lot of decisions to make, but keep your eye on the BIG picture. Don’t let the stress get you down; building should be an exciting and memorable experience! Enjoy every minute of it. Imagine, after you have finished making all of the pre-construction decision, you are done! Then, all you have left to do is sit back and allow McCarthy Homes to do the rest. 

When the slab is poured, your heart will leap, for this is only the beginning. The frame will go up and you will slowly see each room form—the rumpus room where your children will play, the bedrooms where they will sleep—where you will all gather around the dinner table and eat as a family. Then, the roof that will give shelter to you throughout the years will be attached. Lastly, the finishing touches—the brick—the cladding—the stone—the colour that you chose will be painted with such precision and care. Your home will be exactly as you imagined--and it is yours. 

After all, “It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.” (Author Unknown)

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